Updates to Web 2.0 in Nonprofits Wiki

It's been awhile since I got in and made some updates to the Web 2.0 in Nonprofits Wiki, so I finally stopped procrastinating today and added some resources that have been hanging out in my del.icio.us account for a few months. The highlights: Added a bunch of resources to: Blogging Social bookmarking (de.licio.us) Videocasting Social Networking (mostly on using Facebook) Wikis Added a small section on screencasting that will need... Read more →

Another Way to Participate in our Social Media Wiki Carnival and a Few Shout-Outs

So by now you know that David Wilcox and I are sponsoring a Social Media Wiki Carnival this week to add to the knowledge and tools we're trying to develop for nonprofits in our two wikis. We offered a number of ways to contribute your expertise, but here's another one that I thought of. Pick a page or two (or 10) in each of our wikis and take a look... Read more →

Step Right Up--The Social Media Wiki Carnival Has Begun!

Well gang, as promised, the Social Media Wiki Carnival has opened for business. We can't promise cotton candy or a ride on the ferris wheel, but we can promise some good information! So what is the Social Media Wiki Carnival? Well, it's something that David Wilcox and I hatched at Beth Kanter's suggestion. From now through Sunday, David and I are asking for your help in building our wikis--SocialMedia A-Z... Read more →