Build Your Free Nonprofit Website with Wetpaint Part Five: Administrative Settings

Today is the last day in our series on how to build a nonprofit website using Wetpaint. In this screencast I give a brief overview of the administrative settings, including adding Google Analytics and setting up a domain name. As with the past screencasts, you may want to visit the version I have at Screencastomatic, where I've added notes to mark the different segments of the screencast. I hope that... Read more →

Build Your Free Nonprofit Website with Wetpaint Part Three: Getting Started with Wetpaint

This week I'm showing you how you can use Wetpaint to set up a free nonprofit website. Monday we looked at why it makes sense to use a Wetpaint wiki to set up a site. Tuesday we looked at a couple of examples of organizations that are using Wetpaint as a website. Now I'm going to start showing you how to set up your own Wetpaint site. In today's 6... Read more →

Building Your Free Nonprofit Site with Wetpaint Two: What Other Organizations Are Doing

Continuing this week's series on how you can build a free website for your nonprofit using Wetpaint, today's post is going to give you a guided tour of some sites that other organizations have created. I'm hoping that by showing you how it's already being done, you'll start to see the possibilities for your own site. Before we get started, though, in case you need convincing that your website is... Read more →

Building Your Free Nonprofit Site with Wetpaint Part One: Why a Wiki Makes Sense

This week I'm helping Sallie Owen and her intrepid group of small nonprofits look at how to use Wetpaint to build a free website. Today I'm going to start by exploring why I think a wiki can work as an organizational website and why I think Wetpaint is a good option for nonprofits that want to go this route. Let me first say, though, that there are other options that... Read more →