9 Lessons I Learned From Running My First Webinar

On Tuesday, I ran my first webinar--an hour-long session on time management. Not my topic of choice, but this was a long-time client so sometimes you do what you have to do. After the webinar experience I liveblogged a few months ago, the one thing I KNEW couldn't happen with this thing was death by Powerpoint. You might be able to get away with a bad PPT presentation if you're... Read more →

Webinar Round-Up: Results of Survey and Resources for Successful Webinars

A client of mine is wondering about people's experiences with webinars and how well they work as training tools, so last week I ran a reader survey to get your feedback. Webinar Survey Results Twelve people completed the full survey. Unfortunately another 27 started, but abandoned it, so my survey sample is pretty small. Nonetheless, I still wanted to share what they reported. Participant Background Participants were mostly split between... Read more →

LiveBlogging a Webinar: Lessons Learned on Facilitating an Online Training Session From the Learner Perspective

This is me, liveblogging a webinar. I'm not going to name names--just wanted to share the experience as it happens. More of a meta-analysis of the webinar experience with some commentary on content thrown in. I'm doing this to identify tips for when I'm presenting my first webinar in January. My lessons learned are at the bottom. Consider this another in a long line of process posts. Before the Webinar... Read more →