Continuing the Conversation on Community as Curriculum

After yesterday's post on NTEN's WeAreMedia Project and the process we're going through to build the curriculum, I got some great comments from people on the balance between allowing community curriculum to evolve and needing to provide some level of direction. First was some good advice from Betsy Hansel to trust the process: I think the dilemma is that you will not see exactly what happens to the module as... Read more →

We Are Media Continues--Some More Reflections on Community as Curriculum

Last week, Beth Kanter and NTEN started up the WeAreMedia project where we're experimenting with developing a curriculum the networked way. Beth has posted an awesome reflection on the process that I wanted to add to. The essential strategy for designing the curriculum has been to set up "swarms," where calls are put out each day for people to respond with resources, tips, links, etc. that relate to a particular... Read more →