Building a Better Conference

In the education/learning parts of the blogosphere, there's been a lot of talk lately about professional conferences and how to increase their value. I want to follow this trail because it led me to some thoughts of my own. Tony Karrer started things going by asking what we could do to make conferences better. He made several suggestions, including: "Expert Only" time Unconference within a conference Better fun activities "Passionate... Read more →

On Unconferences and Expectations

David Wilcox has an interesting post on the aftermath of an "unconference" he attended. He notes: But ... after all the buzz, what happens next? And does that matter? The question pops back into my mind after writing again about one of Policy Unplugged's buzzy events, this time at NESTA and focussed on innovation and collaboration. It was a terrific mix of people ... and I think for those involved... Read more →