Is An Online Identity Necessary and What Should You Do to Maintain It?

In the past few weeks I've been thinking/writing about online identity. A few days ago, I posted on transparency and an excellent article in WIRED magazine on The See-Through CEO. In comments on that post, Christy Tucker shared an experience she had in a networking forum recently that I think deserves further discussion. She said: I quoted both you and the Wired article in a discussion in an online networking... Read more →

Want to Comment on What People Are Writing About You? Google News Can Help

You know when you read a news story about you or your organization and it looks like they REALLY blew it? Maybe you were misquoted or quoted out of context. Or maybe they didn't tell the whole story. To this point, you've had little recourse other than letters to the Editor, which may not be particularly helpful, especially when they appear at a later date on an entirely different page.... Read more →

Reflections on Trust

I've been thinking a lot lately about trust. Major surgery has a way of doing that. So here's the question that's been boiling around in my brain, in between pain meds, Eat, Pray, Love and a trip through Season 3 of Six Feet Under--How can we put our lives in the hands of strangers? I mean, literally put our lives in their hands? A specialist performed my surgery, a man... Read more →