Want to Comment on What People Are Writing About You? Google News Can Help

You know when you read a news story about you or your organization and it looks like they REALLY blew it? Maybe you were misquoted or quoted out of context. Or maybe they didn't tell the whole story. To this point, you've had little recourse other than letters to the Editor, which may not be particularly helpful, especially when they appear at a later date on an entirely different page.... Read more →

My Online Portfolio Presentation and Fun With Slideshare's Slidecasting

UPDATE--Since I posted this, I deleted the presentation from Slideshare as it was definitely a work in progress that is going to be replaced. I put the original presentation up for the practice and to get feedback and now it's no longer needed. However, I wanted to leave this post here because it also includes info on Slideshare and the slidecasting process I went through. After using it a second... Read more →

Social Bookmarking in Plain English--Another Common Craft Winner

Have you ever tried to explain social bookmarking to a non-techie? A little frustrating, to say the least. Well, the crew at Common Craft once again brings technology to the rest of us with their latest 3.5 minute video on social bookmarking--more specifically, on del.icio.us. Lee LeFever and his wife Sashi continue to entertain and edify with their white-board style of clarifying Web 2.0, although this version is missing the... Read more →

Want to Help Visitors Find Content on Your Site? Use Google's Customized Search

Looking for a way to help your visitors search your blog or website for the content they want? Tags are one answer, at least on a blog. But as we know, not everyone understands how to use tags. To the rescue rides Emily Turner over at World Grows Wide who has posted an excellent set of instructions for setting up Google's Customized Search Engine and embedding it into your site.... Read more →

Some Readings on Leadership and Finding Your Passions

Good Monday morning from Philadelphia, where the sun is just starting to peek through the clouds and we're preparing for yet another muggy day. A few quick reads for you: Rosetta Thurman of Perspectives from the Pipeline is hosting this week's Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants. She's pulled together seven great posts on becoming a better leader, so wander on over and check them out. If you checked out the post... Read more →

Note to the Next Generation of Leaders: Don't Wait for Baby Boomers to Hand Over the Reins

Last week, Rosetta Thurman reported from the front-lines of nonprofit leadership about her experiences at Nonprofit 2020: Issues and Answers from the Next Generation, where much of the talk centered around how to transition leadership from the Baby Boomers to Gen X and the Millenials. You can also read more on the conference here from the Chronicle of Philanthropy. As a Gen X-er myself, I long ago gave up on... Read more →

Five Reasons Why You Need a Portfolio and Seven Reasons Why It Should Be Online

Do you have a portfolio? Is it online? After reading Cammy Bean's post today, I started thinking about all the reasons why an online portfolio makes a lot of sense. Actually, let's start with just having a portfolio, whether online or in a 3-ring binder. So two lists--one on why you need a portfolio and another on why it should be online. Oh--and when I'm talking portfolio, I'm talking the... Read more →

Guest Blogging on Career Development at "Pick the Brain"

One of my favorite self-improvement sites is Pick the Brain, run by John Wesley. Recently John asked for guest bloggers, so I submitted some pieces I'd written on finding your ideal career. The first post is up and includes several exercises for figuring out what you want to be when you grow up. If you're starting to feel antsy about your career or know someone who could use some guidance,... Read more →

Make Your Organization Web 2.0 Too

As soon as I finished posting about moving your organization's website from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, I see in my feed reader (via The Agitator) that Todd Cohen at Philanthropy Journal has published a report on how nonprofits are using new media to engage constituents. Todd makes an excellent point about needing to change your operational paradigms, not just the look, feel and functionality of your web presence: "Nonprofits... Read more →

My Top 10 Tools

Jane Hart who, among other things, runs Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day, asked me to share my Top 10 List of Learning Tools. This will be a bit of a re-hash of my Personal Learning Environment post from a few months ago, but will be a good update, as I've added and lost various tools in my arsenal since then. Note that these are the top 10--the ones I... Read more →