Blogging Code of Conduct Draft--Your Chance to Weigh In

In the wake of the recent furor over proper blog participation behavior, Tim O'Reilly has posted a draft of a Blogging Code of Conduct. Based closely on the Blogher Community Guidelines (I'm not surprised that women are leading the way in this regard), O'Reilly has posted the suggested code on a Blogger's Code Wiki where you can make suggested edits and weigh in on the discussion. His key points: We... Read more →

To Cure "Cyberbullying" We Need to Go To the Roots Of The Hatred

Since the Kathy Sierra incident earlier this week, I've been thinking about "cyberbullying." I joined Andy Carvin's Ning network. I've been reading blog posts and articles and thinking about codes of conduct and what needs to be done to stop the kind of hate-filled online attacks that Kathy has experienced. I've also been wondering what I want to say about all of this to support "Stop Cyberbullying Day." As I... Read more →

This Friday is Stop Cyberbullying Day

Andy Carvin has declared this Friday, March 30, "Stop Cyberbullying Day" in support of blogger Kathy Sierra, who recently went public with the death threats she has received. (BE AWARE--If you read Kathy's post, be careful where you do it. She made the brave and necessary choice to be very straight about the nature of the misogynistic torrent of hate that rained down on her and it's not entirely "work... Read more →