The Leadership Deficit

Over at the Social Edge, Mark has started a discussion about "Profit for a Purpose" and asks about how non-MBA execs can develop the skills needed to run a non-profit that will generate revenue. Elizabeth (in the second comment on the page) brings up a larger point--namely the dearth of leadership talent in the non-profit sector. According to the Summer Issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, as with every... Read more →

Taking it to the Next Level

When I work with my clients (mostly government agencies and non-profit community and faith-based organizations), we often use a 6 boxes matrix for analyzing organizational issues. Expectations--How does the organization measure success? What are the organizational measures and what are the individual measures? Is everyone in the organization clear about how success is measured? Are these expectations clearly and consistently communicated and measured? Tools and Resources--What tools and resources do... Read more →