Announcing a Virtual Knowledge Cafe on Social Artistry

Yesterday I posted on how to make your career dreams come true. One of my dreams is to work with people from around the world to explore the concept of social artistry and how we can use the skills of the social artist at work and for learning. So I'm going to make it happen. . . Announcing: The Virtual Knowledge Cafe on Social Artistry Brent MacKinnon and I are... Read more →

For a social artist, their in-breath is observing, allowing, listening, and understanding and their out-breath is connecting, enriching, inspiring, and enlivening. As with any artist, they seek out opportunities to stretch their capabilities beyond what they could imagine. ----Polly Superstar For months now I've been trying to get a handle on what it is I'm trying to do as I make shifts in my own career. I operate better when... Read more →