Great Beginner's Guide to RSS

Via Darren Rowse, a really nice Beginner's Guide to RSS. You may want to add this link to your site RSS guide and/or use it to explain to RSS newbies how the whole thing works. It includes the Common Craft RSS in Plain English video, one of the best explanations I've seen, plus some other videos on how to use RSS, links to various readers, etc. Good stuff. Read more →

An Introduction to Netvibes: Alex Miller's Screencast

If you've been around the Bamboo Project for long, you know that I'm a BIG fan of Netvibes. It's the backbone of my personal learning environment and I also see a lot of other uses for it, both personally and professionally. It's easy to use, has a great interface, and is much more than simply an RSS feed reader. But reading about it is never as good as seeing it.... Read more →

Have You RSS-Enabled Your Site? And If You Have, Can Readers Find Your Feeds?

While I think that many people are starting to get the idea of subscribing to RSS feeds to update themselves on the latest news and information in their field, I realized the other day that a lot of nonprofits haven't mastered the other side of the RSS equation--enabling RSS in their own sites so that others can sign up for automatic updates. A few recent examples from my own work:... Read more →

Serializing Your Content With FeedCycle

I was checking out the Open Learn project this morning (a topic worthy of its own blog post) and came across their competition to remix/reuse their content, which led me to an interesting little tool--Feedcycle. Feedcycle enables you to publish serialized RSS feeds. In other words, subscribers can sign up to receive a series of blog posts, podcasts, videocasts, etc. automatically delivered daily. As subscribers sign up, they will be... Read more →