Career Resilience Success Story: A Guest Post

As I've been talking with people about the idea of career resilience, I've also started collecting stories of how these individuals have incorporated the patterns of resilience into their lives. Over lunch a few weeks ago, one of my learning professional friends agreed to share her story (anonymously) through email. She's one of the many people I've talked to who is who is expressing her resilience by developing a small... Read more →

Career Resilience Success Story: An Interview with Sheri Ponzi

One of the things I decided to do as I began exploring the concept of career resilience was to begin collecting stories from people about how they've applied the 4 patterns of reslience (Clarifying, Connecting, Creating and Coping) to their own work lives. To that end, I put out a call on my social networks for volunteers who were willing to share their stories and one of the first people... Read more →