If You Don't Believe That Wikis Can Work as an Organization-wide Solution to Knowledge Sharing, Read this Article

Nathan reports on the success of a wiki as a company-wide intranet. Don't be scared away their price tag --a wiki solution can be had for much less money. Wetpaint has many of the features most nonprofits would need to use a wiki as an intranet and these are available for free. Wikispaces is another option, although it's $50/year to keep your space private. Aside from the obvious success of... Read more →

How I Organize Myself to Write a Blog Post

This week I'm doing a series of posts responding to reader questions. Today, I'm going to a question from Nancy Riffer who wants to know how I organize myself when I'm writing a blog post. I have a confession to make, Nancy. I don't. OK, not entirely true, but pretty close. There is some method to my madness, so I'm going to try to share. (Note--back in February I also... Read more →

Cut Inbox Clutter with Social Bookmarking

A lot of email in my inbox is of the "Check out this link!" variety. This morning, Harold Jarche reminds us, in a post entitled "Free Your Bookmarks," how social bookmarking through sites like del.icio.us can cut email clutter. Instead of emailing links to everyone you know (we're begging you to stop!), set up tags in del.icio.us or any other social bookmarking site. You can create categories for friends, family,... Read more →

Social Bookmarking in Plain English--Another Common Craft Winner

Have you ever tried to explain social bookmarking to a non-techie? A little frustrating, to say the least. Well, the crew at Common Craft once again brings technology to the rest of us with their latest 3.5 minute video on social bookmarking--more specifically, on del.icio.us. Lee LeFever and his wife Sashi continue to entertain and edify with their white-board style of clarifying Web 2.0, although this version is missing the... Read more →

Why Face-to-Face Still Rules

Yesterday's plea for rethinking face-to-face meetings apparently struck a nerve, as a lively discussion broke out in comments and Jane of Wandering Eyre weighed in on her blog. As you'll recall, I was complaining that a group I'm working with wouldn't use online tools to gather information, preferring to meet face-to-face and I suggested a few reasons why I thought that might be true. I was initially going to keep... Read more →

A Plea to Re-Think The Desire to Meet

Question for the Day: Why does the face-to-face model of sharing information persist? Currently I'm working with a state-wide group of youth providers working on a specific grant. One member recently circulated an email asking if people were interested in meeting for a few days and if they were, what did they want to accomplish? Within minutes, several emails came back indicating that 1) getting away to a meeting would... Read more →

The Rise of the Do-It-Yourself Portal

In the past few days, I've found a number of new portals online. I'm starting to wonder if we can't learn a thing or two from what's happening. First, via Eisenblog, came Open Learn University's portal, created by Stuart Brown in Netvibes to support OU students and instructors. Then I find Crimson Connect, the student-run Harvard University portal, developed in the wake of student dissatisfaction with Harvard's "Official" website. (Take... Read more →

Schedule Your Meetings with Doodle

Have you ever tried to schedule a meeting with several participants? It can be a nightmare of emails and back and forth phone calls as you try to find the perfect date and time. Lately my meeting planning has been much easier as I've started to use Doodle to set things up. Here's what I do (more instructions here): Click on Create a Poll. Name my poll and identify myself... Read more →

Blog Experiments

Beth Kanter points to blogger Brian Kelly's page of blog experiments. Here, Brian records experiments he's running on his blog and their results. For example, he looks at what happens when he has a guest blogger or when he adds a widget to his sidebar. A typical experiment write-up looks like this: TitleSonific Wordpress sidebar widget. Reasons For ExperimentTo explore possible benefits of this particular plugin and, more importantly, to... Read more →

Three More Reasons to Wiki

I've been using Wikispaces for a lot of my work, but I'm thinking I may need to switch over to PBWiki, especially after looking at some of these new features: Now you can add a YackPack "walkie-talkie" module to any wiki page. This means you can talk to up to 20 people through your wiki, making collaboration much easier. Installation is simple--just insert a plug-in through the page. And there's... Read more →