Do You Set Your Priorities to Add Value or To Avoid Pain?

LaDonna Coy and I ended up in an interesting email conversation over the weekend that got me thinking about how we set priorities for ourselves, both as individuals and as organizations. We were discussing that working from home gave us more flexibility and time for continuous learning and then LaDonna mentioned that a friend of hers was going to be spending Saturday in the office, "catching up on paperwork." I... Read more →

Another Reason Why I Love Jott

On Monday I'm meeting with two clients and need to get some materials unrelated to our meeting from one of them. Usually I write myself a note to remember this kind of thing. Half the time I somehow don't see the note or for some other reason I'll STILL forget to get the materials. But this was before the awesomeness of Jott. Now, on Monday at 10:15 a.m., during my... Read more →

Create On-the-Fly Micro Job Aides to Support Staff

Job aides are tools, checklists, scripts etc. that help people perform specific on-the-job tasks.They've been around for years, usually created by training staff or managers, but also by workers themselves as "cheat sheets" or other tools to help them get the job done. The other day I realized that as it has with most things, technology is transforming the idea of the job aide, at least for me. Last week,... Read more →

Job Searching the Web 2.0 Way: Organizing with Google Calendar, Google Alerts and Jott

Over the past few days I've been sharing with you the story of how I'm working with Shari, a mid-career training professional who's currently looking for a new job. Yesterday I talked about how Shari and I set up a customized job search dashboard using i-Google. Today I'm going to share some of the other tools that Shari's using to organize her job search. Google Calendar Calendars are critical for... Read more →

Job Searching the Web 2.0 Way: Setting Up a Job Search Dashboard

Yesterday you met Shari, a mid-career training professional I'm working with who's currently engaged in looking for a job. We're in the process of looking at Shari's job search needs and then finding the Web 2.0 tools that might complement and improve the strategies she's using to conduct her job search. Getting Organized Job searching is a big project. If you're engaged in passive job searching--you're still employed but open... Read more →

Getting Productive in 2008 with Jott

This week I'm sharing some of the tools and tips I've been using in my ongoing quest to achieve productivity nirvana. One tool that I'm really enjoying using is Jott. Here's how it works. Sign up for your free account. You'll be prompted through getting your account and phone set up. Once you're signed up, use your cell phone to call the Jott toll free number. Leave a message for... Read more →

Getting Productive in 2008: The Two Minute Rule

All this week I'm sharing some of the time management tips and tools I've been trying out, many of which are based on David Allen's Getting Things Done system. Today I'm going to talk about one of the parts of GTD to implement, The Two Minute Rule. Allen's premise is that part of what gets in the way of our productivity are all the little items that pile up in... Read more →

Getting Productive in 2008, Starting with GTD

It's the New Year and one of my resolutions is to try to get a better handle on my time. I'm also in the middle of planning for a time management webinar, so I guess I have productivity on the brain. This week I wanted to share some tools and tips I've been trying out as I suspect that I'm not alone in the desire to get more done in... Read more →

Google Calendar + Remember the Milk= I Should Be Getting More Organized

For someone who is always extolling the virtues of Web 2.0 technologies, I can be surprisingly low-tech. I've made half-hearted attempts to get better at using Google calendar, but honestly, I've had a hard time weaning myself from my paper calendar and to-do lists. My work schedule is getting impossible though, as I attempt to juggle way too many disparate projects, so yesterday I decided I needed to get a... Read more →

Want to Get People to Pay Attention in a Meeting or Training Session? Bring in the Toys!

The other day I had to meet with 20+ high school seniors, so I decided it was time to go back to one of my tried and true meeting strategies--Toys. It was so successful (as it always is), I thought I'd share the idea. Bring on the Play-Doh! About 9 years ago I was doing a retreat with 30 people. This was for a nonprofit that provided manufacturing training and... Read more →