Online Portfolio Examples to Share?

I'm currently working on a longer online workshop version of the webinar I did last year on how to create an online portfolio. I had collected a number of great examples then, but I'm wondering if you've run across any that you think are noteworthy and should be included? I'm interested in portfolios that have been created using free, readily available tools, as opposed to portfolios developed as part of... Read more →

Expanding Your Portfolio

A few months ago I wrote a post on how to use to create an online portfolio. Yesterday Will Richardson posted that he'd used the idea to create his own portfolio, adding a couple of twists. First he suggested that he could repurpose the tag feed by pulling it into a Pageflakes (or Netvibes) tab. That's a great idea and one that could work really well if you wanted... Read more →

Using to Create an Easy, Always Updated Online Portfolio

A few days ago, I was checking out Nine Notable Uses for Social Bookmarking (read the article--there's stuff there you probably haven't considered before) and I was struck by number 6--build an online portfolio. I personally believe that having an online portfolio is a critical work literacy skill and an important part of an overall online identity management strategy. So back in April I ran a webinar on using free... Read more →

Convert Your Paper to i-Paper for Free!

Last week during the Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio webinar, we talked about strategies for embedding document files into web pages and one of the options I shared was Scribd. Through its i-Paper interface, it allows you to embed a scrollable picture of your document, somewhat like what you see with a Slideshare slidecast, but it works for Word, PDF files, etc. You can see an example... Read more →

Guide to Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio

Last week I ran my Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio webinar. We had a nice mix of different professional backgrounds, although it was all women, which I found kind of interesting. Men, where were you? Anyway, I got lots of good feedback and emails and was happy to hear that several people were already working on pulling together their portfolios. I thought that others could benefit from... Read more →

Dump Your Resume--Build a Reputation Instead

For anyone who’s looking for a new job or just wants to keep their options open, this is a little scary. Dan Enthoven, vice president of marketing of job search firm Trovix, recently conducted a study where he sent out 35 fictitious resumes to companies he knew were seeking software engineers: The resumes included all the right credentials and background needed for each specific job posted on company sites, including... Read more →

EPortfolios: A Tool for Organizational and Individual Development

Here's another guest post for the Nonprofit Congress Blog. You can read the entire article here. After reading the recent Ready to Lead report on nurturing the next generation of talent in the nonprofit sector, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on the report’s recommendations about what nonprofits and their staff can do to improve the process. One tool that I think could help the process tremendously is online... Read more →

How Public Should Your Portfolio Be?

Sarah Stewart is continuing to build her online portfolio and in doing so has run smack into an issue that concerns anyone who has information online--how much should she share? As Sarah points out, she's in a bit of a fix, because of course some aspects at least of her portfolio must be public if she's going to use it to build and communicate about her professional identity. But the... Read more →

Using Voicethread to Create an Online Presentation Portfolio

I've been doing a lot of work and thinking lately on the online portfolio concept as I'm in the process of putting together a webinar on how to use free online tools to create your own porfolio. (Email me or leave a comment if you're interested in attending). It occurred to me over the weekend that a tool that could potentially be very useful for creating a presentation portfolio is... Read more →

Personal Learning Experiments as Professional Development

For the past year, I've found myself immersed in a professional development program of my own devising. It's nothing I planned and no supervisor came and told me I had to do it. (Fortunately I don't have a supervisor). No this program has just just sort of . . . evolved, really, morphing into a kind of trial by fire that's challenging me every day. It's a series of learning... Read more →