Resources to Support Blogging for Learning and Professional Development

In the 12 months I've been writing here at The Bamboo Project I've come to see blogging as a critical part of my personal learning environment. I've learned more in the last year of blogging than I think I did in the 5 years prior to that. That's why I was so excited to see a couple of great slideshows on blogging for learning pop up in my feed reader.... Read more →

My Personal Learning Environment Mindmap Revised

The last day of Reader Questions and this morning I had something from Sky who asked me for a clearer version of my Personal Learning Environment Mindmap from April. Since this is about the fifth time someone has asked me for it, I decided that I needed to create a version that is more easily readable. With the first version I had to resort to a screen capture, but that... Read more →

Seven Strategies for Supporting Personal Learning Environments at Work

Yesterday I started to answer Glen Ross's question about how to support staff in developing and using personal learning environments (PLEs) by defining what I mean when I talk about a PLE. Today I'm getting to the real meat of Glen's question, which is how to support staff in creating and using their own PLEs. Nurture a Culture of Learning Staff have to feel that learning is part of their... Read more →

Cut Inbox Clutter with Social Bookmarking

A lot of email in my inbox is of the "Check out this link!" variety. This morning, Harold Jarche reminds us, in a post entitled "Free Your Bookmarks," how social bookmarking through sites like can cut email clutter. Instead of emailing links to everyone you know (we're begging you to stop!), set up tags in or any other social bookmarking site. You can create categories for friends, family,... Read more →

Supporting Personal Learning Environments--A Definition of a PLE

As part of answering Reader Questions this week, I'm going back to something that Glenn Ross asked me awhile ago: If I'm responsible for L&D in my organization, how can I help my employees identify their PLEs (personal learning environments) and what resources do I need to provide for them? Apparently Glenn likes to ask the tough questions. But I'm feeling brave, so I'm going to try for an answer... Read more →

Great Beginner's Guide to RSS

Via Darren Rowse, a really nice Beginner's Guide to RSS. You may want to add this link to your site RSS guide and/or use it to explain to RSS newbies how the whole thing works. It includes the Common Craft RSS in Plain English video, one of the best explanations I've seen, plus some other videos on how to use RSS, links to various readers, etc. Good stuff. Read more →

My Top 10 Tools

Jane Hart who, among other things, runs Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day, asked me to share my Top 10 List of Learning Tools. This will be a bit of a re-hash of my Personal Learning Environment post from a few months ago, but will be a good update, as I've added and lost various tools in my arsenal since then. Note that these are the top 10--the ones I... Read more →

More On Facebook

Looks like interest in Facebook is continuing: It's Facebook Week! Over at Read/WriteWeb, it's Day One of Facebook Week. You can join the Facebook group for Read/WriteWeb readers and learn a little about the platform. During the rest of the week the plan is to look more closely at some specific applications--like in this post Top Ten Facebook Apps for Work. If you're interested in following the posts, you may... Read more →

PLEs and Personality Styles

Glenn Ross made my blogging job easier the other day by sending me a list of topics he wanted to see me write about related to personal learning environments. One of those questions was: Is there any data linking personal learning environments to management styles (DISC) or personality types? The short answer to that question is "no." Or at least I couldn't find anything that specifically looked at either DISC... Read more →

Some Tools for Expanding Your Creativity and Growing Your PLE

A few days ago I wrote about needing to build our creative skills. I've also been all about the personal learning environments (PLE) lately, although I've tended to focus on the online tools in that process. So this morning I was thinking about the tools I've used to expand my creativity, which I would also consider to be a part of my offline PLE. A couple that have worked well... Read more →