Jane Hart's Top 100 Tools for Learning: Looks Like Workplace Learning is Still Web 1.0

Jane Hart of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies has posted her Spring 2008 Top 100 Tools for Learning, a compilation of the top 10 tools identified by 155 elearning professionals. A complete analysis is here. Delicious now tops the list, knocking Firefox to number 2, but what's really interesting to me about this quarter's version is Jane's observation about who is using which kinds of tools: A wide... Read more →

The Stages of Personal Learning Networks

I'm out the door, but wanted to share this. Jeff Utecht has come up with a nice graphic depicting the stages of developing a personal learning network (PLN) that I think captures the different phases of using social media for learning. You can see the graphic here. (I'd share, but his Flickr license is All Rights Reserved.) Jeff's stages are: "Stage 1 Immersion: Immerse yourself into networks. Create any and... Read more →

In Which I'm (Almost) Convinced of the Value of Twitter

I've been trying Twitter off and on for months now and just couldn't get excited about it. I hear all these great things, but somehow it just wasn't connecting for me, which is a little unusual since I tend to take pretty quickly to new technologies. So when Jeff Nugent from the Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Teaching Excellence emailed me about what he, Britt Watwood and Bud Deihl were... Read more →

On Being a Reflective Practitioner

Last week, I blogged some reflections on a learning project I started that has stalled, at least for now. Then I blogged about Nancy White's recent experiences in facilitating a class, which led to a great exchange in comments that forced me to reflect further on my own assumptions about facilitation. This led me down a path of thinking more about the practice of reflection and how one of the... Read more →

How Jott Blew Learning Wide Open for Bud Deihl

Britt Watwood and his colleagues in the Center for Teaching Excellence at Virginia Commonwealth University have been on an intense learning journey recently to explore how Web 2.0 tools like blogs, wikis, etc. can transform learning in higher education. This morning I heard from one of Britt's "partners in crime," Bud Deihl, who saw my recent post on Jott and thought he'd try it out himself. According to Bud, he... Read more →

From the "I Couldn't Have Said This Better Myself" Files

When it comes to professional development and who's in charge of learning, you know I come down on the side of individuals. I don't care who you're working for--we're all independent contractors in a global economy and we have a responsibility to ourselves and our families to always remember that. This is something I keep harping on, but it's a sentiment that bears repeating. Now, via Stephen Downes comes a... Read more →

Advice on Blogging for Learning

I read a lot of blogs on blogging, mostly to try to make the Bamboo Project a better place to visit. But it occurs to me that much of the advice on blogging that's out there isn't designed for bloggers who want to focus on learning--it's for bloggers who are trying to market themselves or their organizations in some fashion. In fact, many of the principles of blogging that apply... Read more →

Blogging For Learning: Another Challenge Opportunity

It's been about 6 months since I concluded my last crazy learning experiment, so I think it's about time for me to engage in another one. And as I did the last time, I'm inviting you to join with me in this. Here's where I'm going. I'm interested in exploring how to use different blog posting formats as learning tools--basically how can you use things like list posts, instructional posts,... Read more →

Welcome to Employee Learning Week: Seeing Yourself as a Learner

All week I'm planning to do a series of posts (including some great guests posts) in support of ASTD's Employee Learning Week. In today's post, I want to take a look at what I consider the backbone of professional development--seeing yourself as a learner. Some Context--School Kills Learning After 15+ years as a training professional, I've come to believe that school was the worst thing to ever happen to learning.... Read more →

Personal Learning Experiments as Professional Development

For the past year, I've found myself immersed in a professional development program of my own devising. It's nothing I planned and no supervisor came and told me I had to do it. (Fortunately I don't have a supervisor). No this program has just just sort of . . . evolved, really, morphing into a kind of trial by fire that's challenging me every day. It's a series of learning... Read more →