Innocentive and the Rockefeller Foundation Partnering to Provide "Open Innovation" Solutions to Nonprofit Problems

A few days ago, I wrote about my growing belief that the value in Web 2.0 for nonprofits may lie more in the underlying principles, than in the actual tools. An announcement made yesterday by Innocentive and The Rockefeller Foundation supports my case. The Rockefeller Foundation and InnoCentive today announced that the Foundation will create a non-profit area on InnoCentive’s global scientific network, specifically designed to spur science and technology... Read more →

Free Primer on Creating Nonprofit Networks

Via Connectedness, the Net Gains Handbook on building social change networks is available from the Innovation Network for Communities. From the Introduction: Relying on networks to generate social change is not new to philanthropy and nonprofits. Many foundations have funded the civil rights, feminist, and consumer movements for decades and more recently have assembled “learning networks” of grantees that work together to innovate and improve their practices. As Jon Pratt,... Read more →

An Open Space Reading List

Lately Open Space Technology (OST) has been cropping up everywhere, most notably as Unconferences and Mashup Camps. I think that part of the appeal comes from how well OST processes dovetail with the ethos of Web 2.0, as well as how the tools of Web 2.0 lend themselves perfectly to supporting Open Space. What is Open Space? Open Space is a process for running meetings and conferences that is based... Read more →

Monthly Fundraising--Nonprofit of the Month Club

Via Escape from Cubicle Nation, I found Monthly Socks, a "sock of the month" club that allows you to sign up and receive socks on a monthly basis. Since it's Christmas and these kinds of "Thing of the Month" packages make great gifts, it got me to thinking . . . What about nonprofits banding together for a sort of "donation of the month" club? Let's say I'm buying a... Read more →

The Business of Innovative Partnerships

A useful article in this month's Business 2.0 on how to form effective strategic alliances. Although geared toward business, there's much that nonprofits can learn. Look for partners with the core competencies to fill in your gaps. Join forces with someone whose skills or connections allow you to accomplish something bigger, better, faster or cheaper. Don't be afraid to partner with the "competition." The reason you're competitors is because you... Read more →

Fast Company's 2007 Social Capitalist Awards

On the long flight home yesterday, I was finally able to spend some time reading the latest Fast Company, which features their 2007 Social Capitalist Awards: Our fourth annual Social Capitalist Awards honor these leaders, who combine savvy business models with solutions to pressing social needs in ways that challenge our assumptions about making a profit and making a difference. . . On these pages, you'll find evidence of a... Read more →

What Happens When I Have Time to Think

Creating Passionate Users, one of my all-time favorite resources, is devoted to the idea that we need to meet learners where they're at. This, of course, means that we must first understand where they're at and then be able to do something about it. Lately, I've been trying to put myself in my customer's shoes, something I'm forever advising them to do. Here are some things that I know for... Read more →

The Nonprofit Digital Divide

Jayne Cravens of Coyote Communications has written a provocative commentary on the growing digital divide among nonprofits. She asks a powerful question: "I'm on dozens of online communities, most of which relate to nonprofit organizations and civil society in some way. I also attend onsite conferences each year relating to the same sector. Through these online and face-to-face gatherings over the recent years, I'm seeing a disturbing trend: a gap... Read more →

Beth's ChipIn Fundraising Experiment

Beth is guest-blogging at Katya's place about raising funds using the ChipIn! widget and is going to be sharing the results of her experiment as she goes along. As you can see, she's raising money for a project near and dear to her heart: When we adopted our beautiful children, we also adopted their birth country. We have embraced Khmer culture and we also feel a responsibility to give something... Read more →

The Bridge--Web 2.0 Fundraising and Marketing in Action

Get this video and more at Last night I was playing with StumbleUpon when I found The Bridge. The Bridge is a project of The Glue Network , which bills itself as"a cooperative, transparent online community of passionate purpose-driven people" whose tagline is "love requires action." "The Glue Network connects nonprofit organizations, brands, bands, musicians, fans, athletes, artists and young people all over the world who want to and... Read more →