More on Scarcity vs. Abundance Thinking

In between a grant proposal and a website I'm working on for a client, I've been continuing to think about the issue of scarcity thinking in nonprofits that I started on yesterday as I read what others have to say on the subject. Allen points out that scarcity thinking is the enemy of change management everywhere, not just in relation to IT projects or nonprofits and I completely agree. He... Read more →

101 Ways to Practice Blogging

Earlier I wrote about creating a climate of learning within your nonprofit and mentioned 23 Things, a series of mini lessons designed to help staff get comfortable with Web 2.0 and social media. This morning I noticed this article on 101 Great Blog Posting Ideas to Make Your Blog Sizzle in the nptech feed and it occurred to me that many of them would make great mini exercises for... Read more →

Is the Scarcity Mentality the Biggest Barrier to Social Media in Nonprofits?

Through a circuitous route I won't bother to explain, today I find myself thinking about the impact of scarcity thinking on nonprofit organizations. One of the most powerful learnings I've had in my professional practice is that our mental models have a profound impact on our work practices. One of the mental models I'm observing at work today is scarcity vs. abundance thinking and I'm starting to wonder if the... Read more →

The "Shadow IT Department": Do IT Staff Help or Hurt IT Use in Organizations?

I've been thinking lately about organizational barriers to Web 2.0 and one of the thoughts I had was that the IT department can get in the way of implementing a lot of social media and Web 2.0 tools. It appears that Ben Worthen of CIO Magazine is seeing this too, as he reports in a recent article, Users Who Know Too Much (And the CIOs who Fear Them). In the... Read more →

What Makes a Great Blog?

Beth Kanter says her memory is failing, (was it that "big birthday" that did it?)so she started a list of nonprofit blogs for herself on her wiki. Yesterday she emailed David Wilcox and I to ask if we wanted to include the list as part of our Social Media Wiki Carnival, to which we naturally replied "Of course." So David added Beth's Mega-list to his Wiki. When we can all... Read more →

Do You Need Influencers Or People Who Are Easily Influenced to "Tip" the Network?

Several months ago I blogged about The Tipping Point and how different types of influencers helped move ideas from the fringes to the mainstream. Now according to Brandweek, (via Nedra Weinreich at Spare Change), Columbia sociology professor Duncan Watts is arguing that the notion of influencers is "bunk": " . . .most of the time buzz is spread by networks and a "critical mass of easily influenced people each of... Read more →

Technology Stewardship in Action

The conversation about technology stewardship in the nonprofit sector has been swirling around for awhile now, led by Nancy White and others far more knowledgeable than I and it's one that continues to fascinate me. Last week, Emily Turner of World Grows Wide wrote an excellent post that I think shows exactly what technology stewardship looks like in action: An ironically perfect example, I think, was when I had a... Read more →

March Blogtipping

As promised, I'm taking up Kivi's blogtipping challenge. The brainchild of Easton Ellsworth at Business BlogWire, blogtipping is a first of the month "tip of the hat" to three blogs you want to give exposure to. You name three things you like about the blog and provide one tip. This time I want to highlight "smaller" blogs in the nonprofit world that I like but who don't have the same... Read more →