Maintaining Your Blog: More Advice for New Bloggers From Bamboo Project Readers

This is the second in my two-part series on advice for new bloggers from Bamboo Project readers. In Part One, I shared what my readers had to say about getting started with a blog. In this post, we'll take a look at their advice for maintaining your blog. Spread the (Link) Love Readers seem to agree that linking to others is a key part of blogging. As Rob O said:... Read more →

Getting Started with Blogging: Advice For New Bloggers From Bamboo Project Readers

As always, I continue to be blown away by the generosity and kind spirit of my readers. Last week I asked for your advice for new bloggers in preparation for a conference where Christine Martell and I are presenting. Not surprisingly, I got back an amazing set of answers--in fact, so many great answers I need to divide this into a few posts! In this post I'm going to share... Read more →

Reader Question: What Advice Would You Have For a New Blogger?

Christine Martell and I are preparing to present a session on blogging at a conference next week and I'd like your help. We think that the group will be mostly beginners, with a few experienced folks thrown in, but like any conference presentation, we aren't totally sure about this. Here's where you come in. I'd like to hear your advice for new bloggers. What tips do you have for getting... Read more →

Helping Media Snackers: I've Been Tagged

Ahh, it's meme time again. This is good, as I needed something to write about today. Beth Kanter has tagged me this time, asking about how I do and don't respect the time of "media snackers," folks who like their news and information in snack-sized portions, rather than getting them in a full meal. It's a meme started by Jeremiah Owyang, who points out that busy business people like to... Read more →

Webinar Round-Up: Results of Survey and Resources for Successful Webinars

A client of mine is wondering about people's experiences with webinars and how well they work as training tools, so last week I ran a reader survey to get your feedback. Webinar Survey Results Twelve people completed the full survey. Unfortunately another 27 started, but abandoned it, so my survey sample is pretty small. Nonetheless, I still wanted to share what they reported. Participant Background Participants were mostly split between... Read more →

LiveBlogging a Webinar: Lessons Learned on Facilitating an Online Training Session From the Learner Perspective

This is me, liveblogging a webinar. I'm not going to name names--just wanted to share the experience as it happens. More of a meta-analysis of the webinar experience with some commentary on content thrown in. I'm doing this to identify tips for when I'm presenting my first webinar in January. My lessons learned are at the bottom. Consider this another in a long line of process posts. Before the Webinar... Read more →

The Social Media Resume: Is this the Future of Hiring?

In a comment on my online identity post from the other day, Christy Tucker gave me a link to a post by Bryan Person on the social media resume. This is a one-page online version of your resume with links to both your online content, as well as documents, etc. that you might want to share with potential employers or clients. Podcaster Christopher Penn created the one above, inspiring Bryan... Read more →

More on Facilitating Blog Conversations

Last week's post on facilitating conversations between commenters on a blog post opened up some great discussions, both in comments here and at other blogs, that I wanted to try to pull together a little. Warning--ill-formed "process post" ahead. As you'll recall, I started with asking some questions about what we as bloggers could to to expand conversations so that they didn't just occur between the blogger and the commenter,... Read more →

Create a Cool Photo Collage for Your Website, Blog, Newsletter, Flickr Album and Just About Anything Else

Looking for a way to do something different with photos for your newsletter, blog or other on and off-line publications? Robin Reagler shared this cool little tool with me--the Hockneyizer. Upload a digital photo and it will create a collage for you. You can use the Polaroid version (what I have here) or one with no frames. You can also change background colors and the number of individual images you... Read more →

YouTube Launches Nonprofit Program--First 300 to Sign up Win a Free Video Camera!

Via Inside Online Video comes the announcement that YouTube is launching a nonprofit program that allows people to give donations through Google Checkout. According to YouTube, registered nonprofits can get: A premium branded channel, Rotation of their videos through the Promoted Videos" feature throughout the site. The option to embed a Donate Now button in their channel with no transaction costs. The first 300 nonprofits to sign up can win... Read more →