Fidelity Report On Giving Offers Some Insights for Nonprofits

While I'm neither an expert on fundraising or marketing, I end up touching both at least a little in my work. So I was intrigued by a report from Fidelity indicating that Boomers are on track to give 20% more than the average donor in 2006. This amounts to an average donation of $6,000, which to many nonprofits is NOT chump change. Other key findings include: "The 78 million Baby... Read more →

Lessons from Starbucks

I'm not a marketer, but regular readers of this blog will have figured out that I'm always on the lookout for marketing information and techniques. To me, marketing is the power of persuasion and frankly, we can all use a little marketing savvy. That's why I was pleased to find on this morning's visit to Slideshare that John Moore of Brand Autopsy had just uploaded the fabulous slideshow above, sharing... Read more →

Monitoring the Blogosphere

Rallyfan at Random Thoughts on Life and Work has an interesting post on how Samaritan's Purse is monitoring blogs to respond to both positive and negative postings. As Rallyfan notes, the organization did an excellent job of both reinforcing an already excited fan and doing damage control about negative messages spreading through the blogosphere. This got me thinking about whether or not we're doing a good job of tracking what... Read more →

Sticky Ideas and the Tipping Point

Yesterday we talked about the three types of people necessary to move an idea from "that's interesting," to "I must HAVE it!" as it relates to helping nonprofits adopt new technologies. Today, I want to explore one more area from Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point that's relevant to this conversation--the concept of "sticky ideas." While we need the right kinds of people in an early adopter group engaged in "selling"... Read more →

Crisis of Confidence in U.S. Charities

A disturbing story on the front page of MSNBC tonight about the lack of confidence average Americans have in the nonprofit system: Americans’ charitable spirit peaks during the holiday season, but this year the urge to give is battling a strong contrarian tide – a crisis of trust born from public disenchantment with a philanthropic system that many consider disorganized, under-regulated and tainted by scandal. A poll by Harris Interactive... Read more →

What Are Our REAL Obstacles?

"Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle." --Ken Hakuta I have this quote written on a Post-It, adhered to my laptop as a daily reminder to me of where the real barriers lie. Working with nonprofts, it's easy for me to slip into believing that if only we had more money we could do X. But while I appreciate that lack of resources is... Read more →

The Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants is Up!

Nancy Schwartz of Getting Attention is hosting this week's Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants: This traveling Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants brings you the best blog postings on nonprofit issues. For this week's event, I asked bloggers to advise on how already over-taxed nonprofit communicators can handle the ever-expanding menu of communications channels, especially social networking tools, and what social media have the greatest potential for nonprofits. I received so many useful... Read more →

The Bridge--Web 2.0 Fundraising and Marketing in Action

Get this video and more at Last night I was playing with StumbleUpon when I found The Bridge. The Bridge is a project of The Glue Network , which bills itself as"a cooperative, transparent online community of passionate purpose-driven people" whose tagline is "love requires action." "The Glue Network connects nonprofit organizations, brands, bands, musicians, fans, athletes, artists and young people all over the world who want to and... Read more →

Vox is Open for Business

I love Typepad--we created this blog using Typepad and compared to Blogger, I think it has an incredibly easy-to-use interface and great opportunities to create a look. Now the gang at Six Apart has created a new blogging tool, Vox, which just came out of beta. I have to say that for the "personal blogger" it's probably even easier and more fun to use than Typepad. They've integrated Flickr, Photobucket,... Read more →

Seth's Top 10 Secrets

Seth Godin shares his top 10 marketing secrets. Some of my favorites: If it makes you nervous, it's probably a good idea. If you're sure you're right, you probably aren't. This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George decided to go against all of his life instincts and as a result found himself with a great girlfriend, money, etc. I think that we're often ruled by fear and anxiety,... Read more →