Guide to Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio

Last week I ran my Using Free Tools to Create an Online Portfolio webinar. We had a nice mix of different professional backgrounds, although it was all women, which I found kind of interesting. Men, where were you? Anyway, I got lots of good feedback and emails and was happy to hear that several people were already working on pulling together their portfolios. I thought that others could benefit from... Read more →

False Starts and Learning Through Conversation: An Interview on Social Media and Learning with VCU Staff

UPDATE--Be sure to check out Britt Atwood's take on our discussion here. The other day, I had the great pleasure of doing a Skype interview with Britt Watwood, Jeff Nugent and Bud Deihl of the Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Teaching Excellence. I've been corresponding with Britt on a variety of topics for awhile and Bud and I had bonded over Jott. Through our interactions and though reading their blogs,... Read more →

On Being a Reflective Practitioner

Last week, I blogged some reflections on a learning project I started that has stalled, at least for now. Then I blogged about Nancy White's recent experiences in facilitating a class, which led to a great exchange in comments that forced me to reflect further on my own assumptions about facilitation. This led me down a path of thinking more about the practice of reflection and how one of the... Read more →

Why You Need to Blog Publicly About Your Mistakes

When most of us make a big mistake, the last thing on our minds is "Oh, I should blog about this and make my embarrassment public." No, I think the normal human reaction is to move far, far away from our screw-ups. Some of us, the more reflective types, may have private discussions with our most trusted confidantes about what happened. Or we may write in our journals and then... Read more →

EPortfolios for Professional Development: Sarah' Stewart's Online Portfolio

Inspired by my recent post on how Shari is developing an online portfolio, midwife and regular reader Sarah Stewart has started working on her own version. Sarah decided that now was the time because as a professional midwife she's required to have a portfolio (she's had a paper version for awhile) and since more and more of her work is digital, it made sense to her to organize something online.... Read more →

How Jott Blew Learning Wide Open for Bud Deihl

Britt Watwood and his colleagues in the Center for Teaching Excellence at Virginia Commonwealth University have been on an intense learning journey recently to explore how Web 2.0 tools like blogs, wikis, etc. can transform learning in higher education. This morning I heard from one of Britt's "partners in crime," Bud Deihl, who saw my recent post on Jott and thought he'd try it out himself. According to Bud, he... Read more →

From the "I Couldn't Have Said This Better Myself" Files

When it comes to professional development and who's in charge of learning, you know I come down on the side of individuals. I don't care who you're working for--we're all independent contractors in a global economy and we have a responsibility to ourselves and our families to always remember that. This is something I keep harping on, but it's a sentiment that bears repeating. Now, via Stephen Downes comes a... Read more →