Reading Groups and Learning Projects for Professional Development

Thoughts of the Personal MBA model of learning are still milling around in my brain as I find this Wikiversity Portal linking to various reading groups, which led in turn to the Wikiversity approach to learning. I've seen this before, but having the Personal MBA stuff so fresh in my brain, I saw it a little differently this time. There are a few things that are fascinating about this idea... Read more →

Create On-the-Fly Micro Job Aides to Support Staff

Job aides are tools, checklists, scripts etc. that help people perform specific on-the-job tasks.They've been around for years, usually created by training staff or managers, but also by workers themselves as "cheat sheets" or other tools to help them get the job done. The other day I realized that as it has with most things, technology is transforming the idea of the job aide, at least for me. Last week,... Read more →

Blogging For Learning: Another Challenge Opportunity

It's been about 6 months since I concluded my last crazy learning experiment, so I think it's about time for me to engage in another one. And as I did the last time, I'm inviting you to join with me in this. Here's where I'm going. I'm interested in exploring how to use different blog posting formats as learning tools--basically how can you use things like list posts, instructional posts,... Read more →

I'm Touched

It was an electronics Christmas here at the Martin house. I sucked it up and bought my husband a new laptop, which he desperately needed after several years of using my own 7-year old refurbished cast-off. And he got me the new i-Pod Touch--basically an iPhone without the phone part, which is just fine with me. It's replacing my Nano and also giving me more memory that I sorely needed.... Read more →

Are You a Woman Looking for Career Support? I Have a Group for You!

Visit Beyond the Glass Ceiling One of the great results of Saturday's career retreat, aside from the learning and connections that occurred that day, was that the group decided to continue meeting on a monthly basis to discuss their careers and support each other in moving forward in implementing their plans. They're planning their first "Take Back Your 9-5" Discussion Group for January 26, so if you live in the... Read more →

Welcome to Employee Learning Week: Seeing Yourself as a Learner

All week I'm planning to do a series of posts (including some great guests posts) in support of ASTD's Employee Learning Week. In today's post, I want to take a look at what I consider the backbone of professional development--seeing yourself as a learner. Some Context--School Kills Learning After 15+ years as a training professional, I've come to believe that school was the worst thing to ever happen to learning.... Read more →

A Vision of Students Today and Information R/evolution

A couple of interesting videos from Michael Wesch, the creator of The Machine is Us/ing Us who's leading a Digital Ethnography workgroup/project that's bringing together students and professors of Anthropology at Kansas State University to look at the impact of technology on human interactions. The video above is "A Vision of Students" today. It was created by the 200 students in Wesch's Intro to Cultural Anthropology class. Here's how they... Read more →

More on Facilitating Blog Conversations

Last week's post on facilitating conversations between commenters on a blog post opened up some great discussions, both in comments here and at other blogs, that I wanted to try to pull together a little. Warning--ill-formed "process post" ahead. As you'll recall, I started with asking some questions about what we as bloggers could to to expand conversations so that they didn't just occur between the blogger and the commenter,... Read more →

How Can We Facilitate Conversations BETWEEN Commenters on Our Blogs?

Over at Building a Better Blog, we've been talking about blog conversations. On most blogs, commenting looks like the top part of this image--the author posts and then commenters respond to the author. But as Skelliewag (the source of this graphic) points out, true conversation is really about the second half of this image--the author and commenters all interacting with one another. The question is--how, as bloggers, can we facilitate... Read more →

Let's Get Naked

Like Christine Martell I've clearly let my magazine reading fall by the wayside more than I realized, because the article I'm about to reference was published in April 2007, which in Internet time might as well be April 1997. At any rate. . . Last week I finally got to read Wired Magazine's The See Through CEO, which is a must-read for everyone. Some choice quotes: Google is not a... Read more →