Google Notebook: The Lazy Way to Blog

Yesterday I was trying to catch up with my feeds and I came across a great post from Janet Clarey--Do You Have a Learning Strategy for the Recession? This led me to think about recession-proofing your career, which led me on a hunt for some articles to post here. Normally, what I would do is have one tab open to my blog post composition window and another for my search.... Read more →

More on Workplace Learning 1.0

In response to my musings this week on why educators seem to have more readily embraced Web 2.0 for learning, Manish Mohan has written an excellent post. You should read the entire thing, but in a nutshell: "In the field of education, the onus of learning is on the learner. In workplace, the onus of training is on the organization and training department. If I don’t learn in university, it... Read more →

25 (Free) Tools for Professional Development and Productivity

I've been writing this week about Jane Hart's analysis of the technology tools being used by workplace learning professionals vs. those being used by educators, trying to identify why educators seem to be making greater use of social media. One issue may be that workplace learning professionals are not as familiar with social media tools in learning. Fortunately, Jane has created an excellent resource to address this--her 25 Tools Professional... Read more →

More Thoughts on Why Workplace Learning Is Largely Learning 1.0

A few days ago, I posted on Jane Hart's latest list of 100 Tools for Professional Development, picking up on Jane's point that it seems that there's a tool divide between workplace learning professionals and educators. According to Jane's survey, while corporate e-learning staff may use social media for personal learning, when it comes to designing learning for their organizations, they're primarily using authoring and presentation tools--more "Learning 1.0" types... Read more →

Google vs. Zoho for Handouts: Reader Feedback

Yesterday I put up two versions of online handouts I'm considering for my March 27 webinar on e-portfolios--one using Google Notebook and the other using Zoho Notebook--and asked for reader votes and feedback on which version to use. As usual, I was richly rewarded. The majority of readers (67%) voted for Zoho. Like me, they were attracted to its look and feel. Claudia Escribano thought it was more "digestible." Mike... Read more →

False Starts and Learning Through Conversation: An Interview on Social Media and Learning with VCU Staff

UPDATE--Be sure to check out Britt Atwood's take on our discussion here. The other day, I had the great pleasure of doing a Skype interview with Britt Watwood, Jeff Nugent and Bud Deihl of the Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Teaching Excellence. I've been corresponding with Britt on a variety of topics for awhile and Bud and I had bonded over Jott. Through our interactions and though reading their blogs,... Read more →

Becoming a More Reflective Individual Practitioner

Yesterday I blogged about how I believe that technology--most notably blogging--has taken the concept of being a reflective practitioner to another level. Today I want to talk in more detail about that and about how we as learners can better incorporate reflection into our practices as professionals. Building Reflection Into Your Individual Learning Practices In my research on this idea, I ran across a very nice 4-page summary on reflective... Read more →

On Being a Reflective Practitioner

Last week, I blogged some reflections on a learning project I started that has stalled, at least for now. Then I blogged about Nancy White's recent experiences in facilitating a class, which led to a great exchange in comments that forced me to reflect further on my own assumptions about facilitation. This led me down a path of thinking more about the practice of reflection and how one of the... Read more →

How Claudia Escribano Serves as a Digital Curator for Her Organization with "Buzzin' on the Biz"

A few weeks ago when I posted about instructional designers as digital curators, Claudia Escribano of Lifelong Learning Lab left me a comment about a bi-weekly report she posts on her company's internal blog, "Buzzin' on the Biz." It sounded like a great idea, so I asked Claudia if she could send me more information on how she does it. This is what she told me: In the year or... Read more →

Open PD--Professional Development on a Global Scale

Via Stephen Downes comes this link to the Open PD project, a world-wide professional development opportunity for teachers to learn about social networking tools together. What's interesting to me is the model, which could be applied across occupations, industries and topics. This happens to be a group of teachers learning about social media. It could just as easily be a group of managers learning about how to support their employees.... Read more →