Serializing Your Content With FeedCycle

I was checking out the Open Learn project this morning (a topic worthy of its own blog post) and came across their competition to remix/reuse their content, which led me to an interesting little tool--Feedcycle. Feedcycle enables you to publish serialized RSS feeds. In other words, subscribers can sign up to receive a series of blog posts, podcasts, videocasts, etc. automatically delivered daily. As subscribers sign up, they will be... Read more →

Can't Talk Right Now. I'm Blogging

Tony Karrer has been talking about why you need to blog. I've tried to encourage it too. Now Penelope Trunk says it's the best thing you can do for your career. One of the best ways to make a big leap in your career is to blog. Blogging allows you to create a high-quality network for yourself based, not on the old model of passing out business cards, but on... Read more →

PLEs and Personality Styles

Glenn Ross made my blogging job easier the other day by sending me a list of topics he wanted to see me write about related to personal learning environments. One of those questions was: Is there any data linking personal learning environments to management styles (DISC) or personality types? The short answer to that question is "no." Or at least I couldn't find anything that specifically looked at either DISC... Read more →

Some Tools for Expanding Your Creativity and Growing Your PLE

A few days ago I wrote about needing to build our creative skills. I've also been all about the personal learning environments (PLE) lately, although I've tended to focus on the online tools in that process. So this morning I was thinking about the tools I've used to expand my creativity, which I would also consider to be a part of my offline PLE. A couple that have worked well... Read more →

Clearing My Feeds: Facebook, Change Management, & Personal Learning

Once again, some things in my feedreader that I wanted to get to . . Facebook Awhile ago I wrote a post on using Facebook in nonprofits. I haven't had a lot of time to get back into it, but fortunately for you, Soha El-Borno at Wild Apricot has been hard at work. Her most recent contribution is on using the Causes widget to promote your nonprofit. Also check out... Read more →

Wikis as Personal Space

Thinking more about wikis . . . After my post yesterday and in light of my recent meanderings about personal learning environments, I've been thinking a little differently about wikis than most people. We tend to see wikis as social spaces, because they allow multiple people to work on a single document and because they can be great tools for a cumulative gathering of knowledge. But getting to large-scale adoption... Read more →

More on Personal Learning Environments

Not a lot of time tonight and I'm working on little sleep so pardon any errors, but wanted to share a few more things related to Saturday's post on personal learning environments (PLEs). SCoPE Forum on Personal Learning Environments Very serendipitous to receive a Google Alert this morning about SCoPE's 3-week online forum on PLEs. You can read the discussion without signing in, but if you want to comment on... Read more →

The Psychology and Skills of Personal Learning Environments

For the past few months, I've been doing a lot of thinking about and exploring of personal learning environments (PLEs). I've written about my own personal learning environment here and here and I've been bookmarking a ton of articles on the concept here. I'm interested in the notion of a personal learning environment because I think that the concept offers a lot of promise for personal and staff development. I... Read more →

Wikis in Plain English from Common Craft

Lee Lefever and Common Craft, creators of the great video RSS in Plain English are at it again. This time they've put together Wikis in Plain English, a 3.5 minute basic explanation of wikis that 1) shows the key features of a wiki and 2) makes it clear why wikis are preferable to email when it comes to working on collaborative projects. Check it out, especially if you're trying to... Read more →

From Managing Transactions to Facilitating Transformations

Today I was in a strategic planning meeting with a number of business people. At one point, we were discussing the changing nature of providing healthcare services to aging baby boomers. The VP of HR for one of the local healthcare organizations was explaining to us that they are moving to more of a concierge approach to meeting healthcare needs, with a focus on relationships and amenities, similar to what... Read more →