If the Job Fits . . .

Built to Last, as I've mentioned before, is one of my all-time favorite organizational development reads. It reiterates something I've found to be true in my 20-year career--organizational culture has a profound impact on how business is done in any organization. In a way that's a big "duh," but it's something that often gets lost in the shuffle. While I think that organizations have a responsibility to themselves and to... Read more →

"Today I Applied for Food Stamps and an Abortion"

It's been my experience that after a few years on the job, it can be easy to forget why we do what we do, particularly if we work with some of society's most downtrodden. Whatever youthful optimism we may have brought to the job initially can fly out the door once we've spent some time in the trenches. But of course with that optimism can go our compassion and our... Read more →

The Leadership Deficit

Over at the Social Edge, Mark has started a discussion about "Profit for a Purpose" and asks about how non-MBA execs can develop the skills needed to run a non-profit that will generate revenue. Elizabeth (in the second comment on the page) brings up a larger point--namely the dearth of leadership talent in the non-profit sector. According to the Summer Issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, as with every... Read more →

Teens & Technology

I do a lot of work with youth employment and training programs. One of my major clients is Job Corps, which operates mostly residential training programs for economically disadvantaged youth all over the country. I've also helped design U.S. DOL-sponsored youth training programs in local areas working with smaller, community-based organizations. In the years that I've been working with youth programs, I have been consistently saddened by the lack of... Read more →

What's the Biggest Challenge Facing Non-Profits?

Last night I attended a Town Hall meeting for Non-Profits to discuss developing a national agenda for Non-Profits. The organizers were wonderfully efficient at getting our input. I always love to attend a well-facilitated meeting that allows for interaction between dedicated people. I heard a lot about the problems facing non-profits and a heard a lot about what's right with non-profits. The meeting was both thought-provoking and reaffirming. By the... Read more →