Help Beth Kanter Win America's Giving Challenge and Help The Sharing Foundation!

Anyone who's a regular reader of The Bamboo Project knows how much I respect Beth Kanter and the work she does. So when she asked me yesterday to join her in raising money for her favorite cause, the Sharing Foundation, I was thrilled to rise to the challenge. Last year Beth raised almost $50,000 for the Sharing Foundation netting her a matching $50,000 as the winner of the Network for... Read more →

Dear (Insert Nonprofit Name Here): Please Stop Bugging Us For Money

Regular readers know that I don't spend a lot of time here on nonprofit fundraising strategies. However, this gem of a post slid into my email box this morning via a Google Alert for "nonprofit" and I felt that I needed to share. Here's what at least one donor thinks about how many nonprofits handle the fundraising process: We don’t like being annoyed with repeated mailings. We really don’t care... Read more →

Two Interesting Nonprofit Projects

Emerging from an unplanned blogging hiatus . . . A couple of interesting nonprofit projects came my way this morning via my Google Alerts. The First Nonprofit IPO In the for-profit world, an IPO is an "initial public offering"--the time the company sells stock to the public. Homeward Bound of Marin (CA) County is taking that idea into the nonprofit sector, launching their own IPO--an "Immediate Public Opportunity--to end homelessness.... Read more →

Robin Good's Ten Ways You Can Use YouTube to Promote Your Online Content

Robin Good has a nice guide to using YouTube to promote your organization. His suggestions: Create and customize your own channel. Choose your niche. Create short form viral content. Tag and categorize. Create niche-targeted playlists Promote your video with YouTube email and bulletins. Leave video responses. Join or create YouTube groups. Chat in the streams Use active sharing. As always, he has good examples, clear instructions and additional resources. Even... Read more →

Getting More Bang for Your Buck--E-mail Outreach and Landing Pages

Katya Andresen of Katya's Nonprofit Marketing blog has a good post on six steps to better email outreach. One of her pointers is to use a landing page in your e-mail. That is, have a link in your email that sends readers to a specific page in your site or blog. This is useful for a couple of reasons. First, you can easily measure the success of your email campaign... Read more →

When Funding Priorities Change

An article in this morning's Marin Independent Journal about the impact of Marin Community Foundation funding cuts led me to this article on the Foundation's recent decision to change their funding priorities: The foundation announced in June that its board of trustees had decided to split its giving equally between sustaining and initiating grants. As a result, nonprofit organizations that serve some of Marin's neediest residents will have to reconfigure... Read more →

Potential Donor Looking for Nonprofit Wish List

Sarah of Freedom for IP is looking for a way to create a "nonprofit wish list" similar to an Amazon Wish List that allows her to: Create a list that she could give to friends, family, etc. where they could donate money to support one of her favorite nonprofits, in lieu of giving her gifts. She's interested in unrestricted giving (and aren't all nonprofits looking for those opportunities?) so existing... Read more →

Fidelity Report On Giving Offers Some Insights for Nonprofits

While I'm neither an expert on fundraising or marketing, I end up touching both at least a little in my work. So I was intrigued by a report from Fidelity indicating that Boomers are on track to give 20% more than the average donor in 2006. This amounts to an average donation of $6,000, which to many nonprofits is NOT chump change. Other key findings include: "The 78 million Baby... Read more →

Monthly Fundraising--Nonprofit of the Month Club

Via Escape from Cubicle Nation, I found Monthly Socks, a "sock of the month" club that allows you to sign up and receive socks on a monthly basis. Since it's Christmas and these kinds of "Thing of the Month" packages make great gifts, it got me to thinking . . . What about nonprofits banding together for a sort of "donation of the month" club? Let's say I'm buying a... Read more →

What Are Our REAL Obstacles?

"Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle." --Ken Hakuta I have this quote written on a Post-It, adhered to my laptop as a daily reminder to me of where the real barriers lie. Working with nonprofts, it's easy for me to slip into believing that if only we had more money we could do X. But while I appreciate that lack of resources is... Read more →