A few recent Facebook experiences from the realms of parenting: Don't Cop My Dress!--My 17 year old daughter's junior prom is about a month away. Last night I discovered that Facebook now plays a major role in prom planning. Apparently the girls at my daughter's school have a Facebook Group--"Don't Cop My Dress." Girls upload photos of their dresses to ensure that there are no copycat dresses on prom night.... Read more →

29 Essential Tools and Resources for Developing a Facebook App

Great resource in my email this morning from Rich McIver of {softwaredeveloper}.com on How to Develop a Hit Facebook Application. From the basics of Facebook's applications environment through coding and marketing the application, this article pulls together just about everything you'd need to create your own killer app and take it viral. Check it out if you or your organization are contemplating another way to leverage Facebook's social networking capabilities. Read more →

Teaching Web 2.0 With Facebook--A Quick Story

The other day I referenced an article on teaching the basics of Web 2.0 by using Facebook as the example. Last night my 15-year old was asking me about my Netvibes account and I was explaining that it was a way for me to be automatically updated when new information was added to my favorite blogs and news sources. "Oh--like the News Feed in Facebook," she said. Exactly. What also... Read more →

Want to Teach People About Web 2.0? Do It Through Facebook

I've talked here many times about the difficulties in teaching people about the concepts and tools of Web 2.0. I've lamented how difficult it can be to help people understand RSS or wikis. The Common Craft videos have begun to fill that gap, certainly, but as Facebook becomes more and more mainstream, Aidan Henry points out that Facebook is Bringing Web 2.0 to Mainstream: Those who live in this (Web... Read more →

More On Facebook

Looks like interest in Facebook is continuing: It's Facebook Week! Over at Read/WriteWeb, it's Day One of Facebook Week. You can join the Facebook group for Read/WriteWeb readers and learn a little about the platform. During the rest of the week the plan is to look more closely at some specific applications--like in this post Top Ten Facebook Apps for Work. If you're interested in following the posts, you may... Read more →

Facebook, MySpace and Class Divisions

Danah Boyd has posted a provocative essay on the class divisions she sees in the users of MySpace vs. Facebook. This is actually a phenomenon I've noticed myself in the past several months as I watch my 15 year old move from MySpace to Facebook and get her perspective on who in her high school is making the shift to Facebook and who is staying on MySpace. Danah's premise, in... Read more →

Clearing My Feeds: Facebook, Change Management, & Personal Learning

Once again, some things in my feedreader that I wanted to get to . . Facebook Awhile ago I wrote a post on using Facebook in nonprofits. I haven't had a lot of time to get back into it, but fortunately for you, Soha El-Borno at Wild Apricot has been hard at work. Her most recent contribution is on using the Causes widget to promote your nonprofit. Also check out... Read more →

More On Facebook

A few Facebook updates: Inspired by a post I did a few weeks ago on Using Facebook in Your Nonprofit, Soha El-Borno of Wild Apricot has written a Beginner's Guide to Facebook, complete with graphics. If you're thinking about getting started with Facebook, this may be the kickstart you need. The big Facebook story this week is their decision to allow outside developers to write programs on top of the... Read more →