EPortfolios for Professional Development: Sarah' Stewart's Online Portfolio

Inspired by my recent post on how Shari is developing an online portfolio, midwife and regular reader Sarah Stewart has started working on her own version. Sarah decided that now was the time because as a professional midwife she's required to have a portfolio (she's had a paper version for awhile) and since more and more of her work is digital, it made sense to her to organize something online.... Read more →

Job Searching the Web 2.0 Way: Setting up an Online Portfolio

In our ongoing case study of Shari, a mid-career training professional who's integrating Web 2.0 tools into her job search process, we've been looking at how Shari could use various technology tools to help her get organized. First we set up a job search dashboard and then we integrated Google Calendar, Google Alerts and Jott into her job search. Today we're going to delve into another of Shari's key job... Read more →

The Social Media Resume: Is this the Future of Hiring?

In a comment on my online identity post from the other day, Christy Tucker gave me a link to a post by Bryan Person on the social media resume. This is a one-page online version of your resume with links to both your online content, as well as documents, etc. that you might want to share with potential employers or clients. Podcaster Christopher Penn created the one above, inspiring Bryan... Read more →

My Online Portfolio Presentation and Fun With Slideshare's Slidecasting

UPDATE--Since I posted this, I deleted the presentation from Slideshare as it was definitely a work in progress that is going to be replaced. I put the original presentation up for the practice and to get feedback and now it's no longer needed. However, I wanted to leave this post here because it also includes info on Slideshare and the slidecasting process I went through. After using it a second... Read more →

Five Reasons Why You Need a Portfolio and Seven Reasons Why It Should Be Online

Do you have a portfolio? Is it online? After reading Cammy Bean's post today, I started thinking about all the reasons why an online portfolio makes a lot of sense. Actually, let's start with just having a portfolio, whether online or in a 3-ring binder. So two lists--one on why you need a portfolio and another on why it should be online. Oh--and when I'm talking portfolio, I'm talking the... Read more →

Some Questions and Thoughts About EPortfolios

I'm working through the concepts and implications of ePortfolios for both learning and career/professional development. Some questions and thoughts that are emerging for me. . . (note--this is very raw) Purpose ePortfolios can serve a number of purposes. They can be used as a record of learning, for job searching, for personal and professional development, as a way to manage your online identity. Many of the issues below are influenced... Read more →