Mojiti--Tool for Annotating Videos

Although I haven't had a chance to play with this yet (add it to my long list of things to do), Mojiti looks like a cool little tool. Basically it gives users the power to annotate video from just about any of the countless video sharing sites on the Web. Probably the best way to understand what it can do is to watch their demo. If it's as easy as... Read more →

Organizational Barriers to Using Web 2.0 Tools

Earlier this week I was reflecting on some of the challenges of technology stewardship in nonprofit and government agencies. I mentioned that I'd done training for a government client that blocked access to sites such as Google Mail and how this obviously impacts staff's ability to use many of the tools I talk about. (Fortunately the IT department had not been told to block access to Wetpaint or some of... Read more →

A Librarian Asks "What's the Big Deal About Blogs?"

Jill Markgraf of Five Weeks to a Social Library mused yesterday about why blogging is such a big deal. After all, libraries have had web sites and e-mail for years. Then she realizes: "Here's a thought came to me. Maybe more than anything else blogs have changed the way we think about communicating with our patrons. When I look back on years of working on library websites, I am flooded... Read more →

Update on NPTech Search Engine

Earlier this week I was trying to wrangle a new nonprofit search engine. Since I did, I've felt vaguely uncomfortable about the whole thing, as I'm a nonprogrammer in a programmer's land. But I've also decided that one of the values of my non-programming background in playing around with new technology tools is that I'm not a techie and if I can do something, then other non-tech types can, too.... Read more →

Social Media A-Z

Earlier I mentioned my call with David Wilcox. The main reason we connected was to discuss how we could possibly create some synergies between the wikis that he and I are developing. David's wiki is SocialMedia where he's collecting all manner of resources and learnings on social media and social networking in organizations. Among other things (that I'll get back to you in a minute), the site includes a great... Read more →

5 Reasons You Don't Need Training

When management finds that staff are not engaging in work behaviors desired by the organization, they often turn to training as the response for "fixing" the problem. But training frequently isn't the answer. In this post I want to share 5 situations that won't be resolved by training: 1. To Make Up for Poorly Designed Work Processes--Many organizations have poorly designed work processes and customer flow. These processes have often... Read more →

Online Learning Guide to Free Video Resources

I'm working on my latest nonprofit networking installment, which I may or may not upload today. In the meantime, here's a nice mini guide to free video resources for learning from Robin Good. I haven't had a chance to fully explore it, but of particular interest to nonprofits, I think are the sections on: Video tutorials for blogging, social bookmarking and "Internet television." Presentations Collaborative Learning Michele Read more →

Playing To Your Staff's Strengths--Help them Develop a Career Plan

Yesterday, we talked about some great resources for identifying employee strengths and using them for more effective management. Today I want to follow up with some thoughts about how career planning can be used to make that process even more effective. Why Should My Organization Care About My Employee's Career Plans? When individuals prepare a career plan, they must start with an understanding of themselves. What are their values, passions... Read more →

Playing to Your Staff's Strengths

Last week I did a training/planning session with one of my Job Corps clients. This group is responsible for attracting applicants to Job Corps and then helping them through the admissions process. These two aspects of the job require very different skill sets. The outreach piece is essentially sales--staff must be able to go out to a variety of applicants and organizations and "sell" Job Corps. The admissions component of... Read more →