Becoming a More Reflective Individual Practitioner

Yesterday I blogged about how I believe that technology--most notably blogging--has taken the concept of being a reflective practitioner to another level. Today I want to talk in more detail about that and about how we as learners can better incorporate reflection into our practices as professionals. Building Reflection Into Your Individual Learning Practices In my research on this idea, I ran across a very nice 4-page summary on reflective... Read more →

Upcoming Career Management 2.0 Webinars

As part of what I plan to be a continuing series on career management and professional development topics, I wanted to announce that I'll be running two webinars in the next month on creating online portfolios. (Note--if you're wondering if you need an online portfolio, I'd suggest taking a look at this post.) The first is a more introductory webinar for people who are new to eportfolios. In it, we'll... Read more →