Your Guide to Job Search and Personal Branding on Twitter

Twitter--the 140 character social networking site--is becoming increasingly useful for job seekers. It doesn't work for everyone, of course, but it can certainly turbo-charge your networking, a key strategy for successful job hunting. It can also be an effective part of your personal branding campaign. Here, then, is a (somewhat) definitive link guide to getting a new job (or losing your current one) through Tweeting. (I put this together for... Read more →

Networking 2.0: Blogging Your Way Out of a Job... and Into a Career View more presentations from Sacha Chua. (tags: blogging web2.0) Last week, I asked my readers to share their best advice for using a blog for personal branding and job searching. As usual, I got some incredibly thoughtful and helpful responses that merit elevation to a new post. I've also added some links and other resources. So below... Read more →

We had our first webinar today for the folks at Career Commons. One of the questions that came up was how to use a blog for personal branding, particularly during the job search. As Jesse put it in our call, "there's a broad blank canvas of possibilities when you start writing for your professional blog, so how do you get started?" Jesse had a great idea--he plans to start responding... Read more →

Harold Jarche points us to a recently released study on corporate responses to the recession/depression we're currently in: This morning the CLC (Corporate Leadership Council) released the results of a survey that asked CEOs which areas were to suffer the most in response to the crisis. L&D [learning & development] came out on top at 38%. So this means, globally, that a third of organisations surveyed will stop investing in... Read more →

Some LinkedIn Resources

Linkedin View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: linkedin kawasaki) It must be LinkedIn day, because in addition to this great presentation I found from Guy Kawasaki, I also see that LinkedIn has launched a suite of Applications that you can add to your profile, including apps for: Your Amazon Reading List Slideshare Linking your Wordpress or Typepad posts to your profile so you can share documents via... Read more →

My post a few days ago arguing that the real value of blogging lies not just in reading blogs, but in commenting on blog posts and writing your own, generated a lot of comments and some great references to what others are thinking. Most people seemed to agree with my premise that while reading blog posts can be helpful to learning, commenting and being a blogger yourself adds even more... Read more →

Wordle What You WANT to Do

Yesterday I suggested exploring your personal brand by using Wordle on your blog. Shannon Turlington tried that exercise out and found that she didn't like the results, so she "wordled" her semi-private journal where she's been writing about what she wants to do for the future. The results were much more to her liking. I think this is a great twist on the idea if what you're doing now isn't... Read more →

Will Social Media Help Your Boss Micromanage You?

I had an interesting call this afternoon with the team that's working on the eLearning Guild's upcoming report on eLearning 2.0--Tony Karrer, Brent Schlenker, Jane Hart, Mark Oehlert, Will Thalheimer, Steve Wexler, Bill Brandon, and Sanjay Parker. We're reviewing and discussing the most recent findings from the Guild's survey of its members on elearning 2.0, much of which you can find on their blog. Tony has also been analyzing some... Read more →

Personal Branding for the Business Professional

If you haven't seen it already, definitely check out Chris Brogan's free ebook, Personal Branding for the Business Professional. It's a quick read--mostly bullet points--and sums up some excellent strategies for building your professional reputation online. There's a lot you need to do offline, as well, like working to make yourself a career untouchable. I'd also suggest exploring the Total Leadership model. This is something I'll be using in the... Read more →

10 Tips for Creating a Personal Learning Plan

These are some notes I found in in one of the artist sketch pads I use to capture my off-line ideas (yes, I do work offline). They seem particularly appropriate to share in light of yesterday's post on being a "career untouchable." Tips for Creating a Personal Learning Plan 1. Reflect on successes, challenges, etc., from the previous year. Also reflect on trends in your industry and/or occupation. What strengths... Read more →