Update on My Blogging4Learning Project

My Blogging4Learning project continues. I've set up a newbie survey that I'm planning to share next week so I can start collecting some data. I've also been working with Shari, my Web 2.0 case study--here's the latest from our call today. I'm realizing that I need to go back to looking at the different blog post formats. I can't say that I'm completely keeping up with my original intention to... Read more →

Advice on Blogging for Learning

I read a lot of blogs on blogging, mostly to try to make the Bamboo Project a better place to visit. But it occurs to me that much of the advice on blogging that's out there isn't designed for bloggers who want to focus on learning--it's for bloggers who are trying to market themselves or their organizations in some fashion. In fact, many of the principles of blogging that apply... Read more →

Update on Blogging4Learning

I've just started with Day 2 of my blogging4learning project and so far I've been joined by Kivi Leroux Miller and Mick from Mick's World of Learning. Kivi intends to look at "storytelling" and what nonprofit communicators can learn from the storytelling community, while Mick wants to look at using social media for corporate learning. I'm thrilled, because these are also topics that interest me, so I get the pleasure... Read more →