The Power of Blogging ISN'T Just in Reading Them

(RANT ALERT!) In a few weeks we're going to be looking at blogs in the Work Literacy course. As we think about that module and the fact that for most people, their primary interaction with blogs is to read them, I'm growing impatient with this idea from a learning perspective. In fact, I have to go on record right now as saying that reading blogs is only a small part... Read more →

Gender and Blogging and Top 25 Lists, Oh My!

Hot on the heels of our two women bloggers sessions at the Brandon Hall conference, Janet Clarey points out that Zaid's list of 25 Great Edublogs features only three women--Cathy Moore (who joined us in our women who blog workshops), Jane Hart and Patricia Donaghy. Janet rightly notes that given the large number of female edubloggers, it is interesting that only three would make Zaid's list. Zaid's response (in comments... Read more →

What Are Your Thoughts on the Differences Between the Male and Female Blogging Exerience?

Next week I'll be at the Brandon Hall Innovations in Learning Conference, where I will be doing a half-day pre-conference session with Janet Clarey on using social media to get the most out of the conference and a Social Media 101 session later in the week. I'll also be participating in a panel discussion on Women Who Blog with Janet, Cathy Moore, Kristina Schneider, Christine Martell, and Emma King. I... Read more →

Extending the Invitation to Participate

During the Comment Challenge, one of the activities that raised a fair amount of questions and discussion was on Day 11 when I suggested that participants write a Comment Policy. My purpose with the task was to suggest that as bloggers we needed to be clear with our readers that we invite and encourage comments, so we needed to let them know this on our blogs. Many people were put... Read more →

Comment Challenge Day 31: Your Top 5 Lessons

We've finally done it! We've reached the end of the 31 Days of the Comment Challenge! It's been a long, crazy month with a lot of activity and (hopefully) a lot of learning. For your final task, I want you to reflect on what you've learned in the last 31 days. What did you personally gain from the Challenge? What did you gain professionally? Is this something you'd do again?... Read more →

Comment Challenge Day 30: How Can You Use What You've Learned About Commenting to Change Your Teaching?

Now that we're winding down in the Comment Challenge, it's time for some reflection. For today's task, I want you to consider what you've learned about the give and take of commenting and how it might apply in a classroom. What lessons did you learn about what it means to "speak up" through comments that is applicable to working with students? What did you learn about how to deal with... Read more →

Comment Challenge Day 29: Write a Commenting Guide for Students

Most of the Challenge participants work in some kind of learning and education capacity, so today's task from Silvia Tolisano is geared toward helping your students be better commenters. Silvia suggests writing an age-appropriate guide to commenting. What goes into it is up to you. How you communicate it is up to you. You may want to play around with audio or video. You might want to try using VoiceThread.... Read more →

Comment Challenge Day 28: What's Your Blog Commenting Strategy?

Yesterday we looked at how commenting can help us build our personal brand. Today, I want you to check out this article by Caroline Middlebrook on developing a blog commenting strategy. Do you think it's important to take a more strategic view of commenting and to have a plan for how you want to incorporate commenting into your overall online behavior? If so, what is your blog commenting strategy? Remember... Read more →

Comment Challenge Day 27: What Do You Communicate About Your Personal Brand Through Comments

Online personal branding is becoming a big deal. The more active we are on the web, the more we communicate about who we are and what we do. Many of us may have considered that our blogs are a way of communicating about our "brand," but what about the comments we leave? Dauwd Miracle recounts an experience he had with comments as a form of personal branding. Take a look... Read more →

Comment Challenge Day 26: Exploring Other Ways to Comment

As many of us have discovered during the Challenge, written comments can sometimes be misconstrued or make it difficult for us to get our point across. Multimedia commenting, though, can address some of these issues. Today's task comes from Silvia Tolisano who asks us to think about other ways to comment on blogs. For example, Kate Foy and others have been playing around with video commenting using Seesmic. Here's a... Read more →