More on Blogging When Your Industry Isn't Into It

The other day I posted on how to blog when your industry or occupation hasn't embraced the whole social media thing. Today I ran across a great article on 15 Practices to Deepen Human Connection and Engagement Online that I think are a nice complement to some of my previous suggestions. Some of these ideas include: Ask people for advice and favors. People like to help. Helping others gives them... Read more →

Someone emailed me this morning to ask how to deal with negative comments on your blog. I sent her a response, but thought it might also be helpful to do a post. What is a Negative Comment? The first question we have to ask ourselves is what do we mean by a "negative" comment? There's a difference between commenters who engage in name-calling or clearly inflammatory rhetoric on your blog... Read more →

Blog Interference

Despite the fact that I regard blogging as necessary to both my professional development as well as my ongoing personal branding, it's clear that in the past few months, I've fallen down on the job. I've actually gone over a week without posting on several occasions, which is just not my style. Here's some of what seems to be getting in the way: Work and lots of it. I am... Read more →

We had our first webinar today for the folks at Career Commons. One of the questions that came up was how to use a blog for personal branding, particularly during the job search. As Jesse put it in our call, "there's a broad blank canvas of possibilities when you start writing for your professional blog, so how do you get started?" Jesse had a great idea--he plans to start responding... Read more →

Although WIRED is now claiming that blogs are dead, I'm not buying that. Maybe they're dead to a minuscule group of people who are easily bored and only talk in 140 character spurts, but if learning is reduced to tweets, I think we're in big trouble. It's that kind of short-term, surface discussion of issues that in my opinion has contributed to the current world-wide financial crisis we're in. Life... Read more →

I'm just back from a long week of training and Wii bowling with Christine Martell, which explains my unanticipated blogging break. I had intended to write, I swear, but somehow time changes and cross-country travel got in my way. And yes, the afore-mentioned Wii bowling didn't help either. One of my stops was to Portland, where I did a day-long session on blogging, podcasting and screencasting with about 25 members... Read more →

Blogging for Learning--"Audio Blogging"

This is the last (for now) in my series of posts on using blogs for learning. Earlier this week, Lee Kraus wrote a post on finding the time to blog. He mentioned that he has a two-hour drive every day, which leaves lots of time for thinking, but not for writing. Time is always a challenge for bloggers, but if you're in the car two hours a day, audio blogging... Read more →

Blogging and "E-Flective" Practice

Blogs and educating the eflective practitioner View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: elearning professional) Over at Work Literacy this week, we hosted a great webinar on using blogs for reflective practice. It was run by Paul Lowe, who is a senior lecturer and course director at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. You can access the recorded session here. Just click on the link and... Read more →

My post a few days ago arguing that the real value of blogging lies not just in reading blogs, but in commenting on blog posts and writing your own, generated a lot of comments and some great references to what others are thinking. Most people seemed to agree with my premise that while reading blog posts can be helpful to learning, commenting and being a blogger yourself adds even more... Read more →

27 Inspiring Women Edubloggers

27 Inspiring Women Edubloggers View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: education women) A few weeks ago I blogged about Zaid's list of the top Edubloggers and Janet Clarey's observation that out of 25 bloggers, there were only 3 women on Zaid's list. Not one to forego a learning experience, Zaid immediately took our discussion as an opportunity to expand his own learning and set off on a search... Read more →