NTEN Media Project Name Change--Help Us Out!

Well, we've run into a bit of a hitch with the NTEN social media curriculum development project. Yesterday, Holly Ross, NTEN Executive Director, posted this discussion thread on the wiki: We've hit a snag in the road, and we need your help to get past it. It seems the lawyers affiliated with an about to be published book (http://www.bethemedia.com) aren't too thrilled about our title. Given that they book is... Read more →

Be the Media Week 1: How Does an Organization Avoid Drinking the Web 2.0 Kool Aid?

Yesterday we launched Day One of the Be the Media project where we trying to build a curriculum module in one week. Here's today's task: Under what circumstances should your organization NOT pursue a social media strategy? Leave a comment, write a blog post (tag it with "bethemedia"), drop your thoughts in the wiki or point to a fabulous blog post or article that answers this question. Remember, you don't... Read more →

Help Us Build a Social Media Curriculum Module in 7 Days!

I'm really excited to be part of an interesting learning experiment sponsored by NTEN. It's called Be the Media and it's designed to "build a toolkit and instructional guides about how social media strategies and tools can enable nonprofit organizations to create, compile, and distribute their stories and change the world." What makes this project interesting is not the content (although that will be good), as much as the process... Read more →