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Working Out Loud: The Friday Roundup (1/15/16)

What Is Your Vision for a Better World?

This week I'm posting positive questions from the Encyclopedia of Positive Questions by Dianna Whitney and I'm inviting you to respond to those questions via comments so we can gather positive stories of our career growth and leadership. 

Visions of a Better World

When work is in service to a larger purpose, it is life-giving and compelling. People want to contribute. They get great satisfaction from knowing that their work and their organization are positive forces in the world. 

  • When have you most felt like your work was part of a positive force in the world, when you felt an alignment among your principles, purpose and practices? Tell a story about what you were doing. 
  • What do you see today (not future possibilities, but beginning to happen right now) that gives you hope for the future? This could be something on a global scale or a personal experience. It could have to do with social or political events, or it could have to do with what you've experience in your organization or community. 
  • What do you wish for your organization and the people you work with? 

As we've been doing with the previous questions, drop me a line in comments to share your answer. Or talk with a colleague or friend and then share what happened in that conversation. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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