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Announcing The Leadership Lab!

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I'm very excited to announce the launch of The Leadership Lab--a project I'm co-hosting with my colleague and fellow leadership learner, Rebecca Fabiano

This will be a Professional Learning Community, a mastermind group, an in-person and online course, but most importantly, an opportunity for us to work with others who want to explore and develop new leadership skills and competencies that focus on leader-as-host, rather than leader-as-hero. 

In the process, we hope to re-ignite people's sense of purpose and passion for the work that they do and to help them find new ways of embodying leadership in their lives. 

The Lab is not about the roles that participants may currently play in their organizations--it's not a supervisory or managerial program. Instead, it's an opportunity for people to:

  • Identify a driving leadership question and project for themselves that they can use to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills. 
  • Connect to the people and resources that will help them bring their project to life. 
  • Execute their project so that you can learn from their experiment. 
  • Create an online portfolio of their learning that they can use for their personal/professional growth. 

We will be going deeply into some of the questions/thoughts and issues I raised in my previous post on 21st century leadership and really looking to create a transformative experience for everyone involved. 

Although Rebecca and I are facilitating the course, we also plan to model the experience for others in the program, essentially going through the same process to identify our driving questions and execute our project. The Lab itself is our own Leadership Lab experience. 

We are running the program in the Philadelphia area from January 30-April 30, 2016, so if you are in the area and interested in participating, please check out the Leadership Lab website here

Spaces are limited and we're taking people on a first-come, first-served basis. 

This could make a fantastic holiday gift to yourself to start 2016 right!


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