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The Power of Course Corrections



When I wrote last Friday's post on being human spam, I had no idea how it would change me. It was one of those posts that wrote itself (often for me the best measure of it's "rightness") and I just felt this very strong need to put it out into the world. 

Once I hit "publish," I felt an instant sense of relief. I literally felt that I could breathe again. 

I also felt a huge sense of freedom. Almost immediately, I found myself filled with ideas and re-engaging with my work in some different ways. 

I have no doubt that it was the act of acknowledging to myself what has been going on with my work and writing and then allowing myself to write that post that made the difference. It was a much-needed course correction. 

One of the things that I talk with people about a lot is how in our lives and work we need to get better at doing these kinds of course-corrections. 


I think that we spend a lot of time ignoring or even actively repressing in ourselves those things that feel "off" or "not right." Sometimes this is OK. It may be that we are having an off-day or an off-week. 

But when those nagging feelings that something isn't working persist, we need to honor them. We need to let them out and explore them to see what might be going on. 

We also need to share them with other people. In writing that post, I told you what was going on with me and how I was perceiving it. I got tons of emails and comments--more than I've received in a long time. People were supportive, letting me know that they valued what I write here. And they also shared their own struggles with these issues. I acknowledged something they were experiencing as well. 

My public course correction opened me up to much-needed support from others that further validated to me that this was a good decision. But it also helped other people who have been having their own experiences with this. It was exactly the kind of impact and engagement that I was wanting. 

My point here is this. There's value in paying attention to your feelings and to how you are engaging with your work and your life. There's value in acknowledging to yourself that something is off and in sharing that with other people.

Even if you don't know where you need to go next, just saying out loud, "This is where I am right now and this is how I'm feeling about it" is critical.

It opens up space for something new to emerge.

It gives you room to breathe. 


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