The Two Ways Of Being "Stuck" in Your Career and What to Do About Them
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The One Thing You Must Do for Your Professional Development to Make a Difference


Yesterday I completed the second session of a two-day training I did for an organizational client on relationship selling. In the first session, I talked with the staff about different strategies for developing and deepening relationships with potential customers and then I had them come up with personal action plans for experimenting with these strategies over the next few weeks. The idea was that they would try out some new ideas and then we would discuss what had happened as a result. 

I knew it was risky to do this, but I was hoping that the risk would pay off. It didn't. Only a couple had tried anything new and most had returned to their jobs where they continued to do what they had always done. 

Here's the thing. You can go to all the training and development workshops in the world, read tons of books, participate in online courses. None of this will matter if you don't take the step of actually letting it guide you to do things differently. 

Courses, workshops, books, blog posts, articles--all of this is simply information that lives in your head. For it to make a difference, for it to actually help you grow, you must DO something with it. 

You have to get out of your comfort zone and the rote way you've always done your work. Figure out how you're going to USE what you're learning to transform how you're living. 

Comfort zone

Create a 30-day experiment for yourself. 

Find a project where you can try out your new skills or knowledge.

Bring what you're learning into a meeting or interaction with a colleague or client. 

Take on a stretch assignment that lets you use the new skill.

Incorporate a new idea into your regular work flow. 

Just reading something or sitting through a class isn't real learning. It is through action, experience and practice that you learn. If you aren't willing to take that all-important step, then don't bother with the articles, courses, workshops, etc. You've already decided to stay where you are. 


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