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Blab Career Clinic on Managing Your Career Like an Entrepreneur Tonight at 7 p.m. EST


Tonight is our second Blab Career Clinic in honor of Global Entrepreneurship week and our plan is to talk about how to manage your career like an entrepreneur

One of the things I've noticed as I work with people in my 12-week entrepreneurial coaching/mastermind groups is that one of the biggest shifts we have to work on is moving from thinking like an employee into thinking like an entrepreneur.  

I actually find that it's kind of sad that I have to do this because kids are naturally entrepreneurial and then we train it out of them. So much of what we do in school and in our interactions with young people is about teaching them to conform, to follow directions, to be dependent on the grade of a supervisor for their sense of self.

This is continually reinforced in our career advice and in our workplaces, so that by the time I'm working with the people in my groups (who are typically in their 30's and up), we are dealing with a lot of baggage and ideas that they've absorbed about what it means to work for someone else, and they have little clue about how to work for themselves. 

So tonight's Career Clinic is a forum for us to talk about this--how we can shift from thinking like an employee into thinking like a business owner, even when we have a job? I have some thoughts and ideas about this, but I also want to hear your thoughts. I think this is an area where we need more discussion, especially as we look at the ongoing shift away from "jobs" and into more freelance work. Even if you're working a job, you still need to think like a freelancer to hold onto it

Our Blab Career Clinics have been fun--every time we get more people tuning in and have had some interesting conversations and insights from our participants. If you have the time, I really encourage you to join us at 7 p.m. (EST) tonight. Here's some info on how to participate if you are new to the Blab format. 

Hope to see you there!


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