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In career development, we talk a lot about "transferable skills." These are skills that are not occupation-specific, but that can be used in a variety of jobs--skills like writing, planning, managing your time, etc.

The nature and quality of your transferable skills are key to creating a thriving career because they help you bridge occupations and industries, allowing you to move more easily into new opportunities or to create opportunities for yourself.

When people decide  that they need to make a career change, we are usually looking at how they can use their transferable skills. And when jobs in a particular industry begins to dry up, strong transferable skills can help people move more easily into a new industry or occupation.

In a world where jobs are disappearing faster than we can create them--primarily because of the impact that technology is having on our lives--we need to be re-thinking our skills in many different ways, but definitely in terms of the transferable skills we are building. 


The New Transferable Skills

The other day I ran across a post from Tanmay Vora on Skills for Success in a Disruptive World of Work. It's great stuff, drawing from this article by  Janna Q. Anderson.  Here's a full look at the skills:


I would agree completely with these skill sets and would add a few of my own:

  • Design Thinking--the ability to apply the design thinking process of Empathy-->Defining the problem-->Ideate-->Prototype-->Test to address challenges and create new possibilities. 
  • Deep Listening--this is listening to learn, not listening to document or to judge. This is listening that's based in curiosity. 
  • Questioning--the capacity to formulate game-changing questions, to question assumptions and to use questions that create possibility and energy. 
  • Effectual Thinking--Effectuation is how entrepreneurs think and act. The principles of effectual thinking provide a way for you have better control over a future that is inherently unpredictable. Here's more on the basics of Effectual Thinking
  • Convening--Creating group structures and gatherings that draw out a group's "best self." This involves moving from being a hero to being a host--focusing on using group practices that honor differences and engage people in expressing their best ideas and possibilities. 

As we move further into a world where the robots have already taken over, we need to think differently about what it means to have transferable skills. This list is a good place to start. 

How do you measure up? 



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