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How to Start a Side Gig--Career Clinic on November 16

Side gig

In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, which runs from November 16-22, I've scheduled a special Career Clinic on November 16 at 7 p.m.--How to Start a Side Gig.

I'll be talking with Melissa A. Rowe, M.Ed. who is the founder of Capture Greatness, a Philadelphia-based scholarship writing and college coaching initiative created to help first-generation college goers and students from under-resourced schools make their dream of college an educational and economic reality.

Melissa works full-time and is a perfect example of how you can create a side business from your passion, so I'm really excited to talk with her and have her share some of her tips for how to get started. We'll also be taking your questions on how to create a side business while you're working at a job and we may even get a few other solopreneurs to join us to share their advice and experiences. 

Recently Melissa was recognized as an American Graduate Champion, so you can see a little of what she's about from the video below:


If you're on Twitter, you can go here to subscribe to attend this session or any of the other upcoming Career Clinics. 

To learn more about how Blab works (I promise that it's REALLY simple), go here for more info and a tip sheet to participate


I'll be planning some more activities for Global Entrepreneurship Week, so stay tuned! 


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