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Tell Me Your Toxic Work Story

You don't have to be crazy

A few weeks ago I launched two online courses on using expressive writing--one to recover from a toxic workplace and the other on recovering from unemployment. The more popular course by far has been the course on recovering from toxic work. 

I have to say that this makes me a little sad, but also that I'm not surprised. Most of the people I know who are struggling with their careers feel this way because they are locked into work environments that are soul-killing.

There are different flavors of toxic work--from jobs that feel useless, to working with colleagues and supervisors that bring you down, to dealing with the burnout of a competitive, 24/7 approach to work with Amazon as the latest example of this.  It's a growing and incredibly harmful trend that I feel we need to be discussing more. 

I want to learn more about how you're feeling about toxic work.

Is this something you are facing?

How do you define a toxic workplace?

How does it make you feel and how is it impacting your life?

How are you dealing with it? 

Drop me a line in comments or email me at [email protected]. I want to know more about what you're experiencing. 


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