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3 Reasons You Need to Start Sharing Your Dreams


I'm thinking a lot lately about how we get in our own way. It's easy to look around at this economy and to just want to give up. So many barriers and challenges--makes you want to stay in bed with the covers over your head. I get it.

But even in the midst of challenge there is opportunity. We have to go after it though, creating possibilities where others only see the barriers. 

One way we keep ourselves stuck is by keeping our dreams and ideas to ourselves. Interestingly, I find that people are willing to talk all day about what's wrong, but they have a much harder time talking about their aspirations and what they'd like to have happening in their lives instead. 

I know all the reasons we keep our dreams to ourselves, but there are bigger reasons to start sharing them with others. 

1. Others might be able to help. 

When you start talking about your aspirations to other people (rather than your problems) you will usually find that the first thing they want to do is give you some help. They may know a good connection or have some information or resources that could help you further your dreams. Putting it out there might just invite what you need to get moving on a more positive path. If you keep thing to yourself, there's no way anyone else can help. 

2. Others might share your dreams and want to join in.

In the past few months, I've had some amazing conversations with people when I tell them what I'd really like to see in the world. Turns out they want to see the same things and have some ideas of their own about how we could make our dreams happen. 

It can be hard to create positive momentum on your own. But when you are working with other people who share your vision and beliefs, the load gets a lot lighter. And the ideas get a lot brighter. 

3. Talking to other people can help you get clearer about what you really want.

If you're like most people, you can get caught in the echo chamber of your own mind, where the more you think about something, the less clear you become. 

Talking to someone else about what you want in your life can help you get a lot clearer, especially in the beginning stages. You hear yourself saying things that give you that deep "aha." Or they ask a simple question and suddenly everything shifts into place. 

Talking about what you want is a powerful clarifier. And the clearer you are, the more likely you are to start taking action. 

This is partly a post about being more positive--talking about what you want, rather than problems and what you don't want. And it's partly a post about connecting with people on the basis of your dreams and aspirations, rather than based on your problems and anxieties. There's a negative energy we create in our lives when we're focused on what needs to be fixed. If we want to create more positive connections and energy in our work, we need to start talking with people about our dreams, not our problems. 


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