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"How They Do It" Entrepreneur Interview with Dhairya Pujara, Founder/CEO of Y-Center

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do another in my ongoing series of interviews with everyday entrepreneurs called "How They Do It." This time I spoke with Dhairya Pujara, Founder/CEO of Y-Center, a a Philadelphia-based social enterprise that connects university students with a unique study abroad program where they get to participate in solving global challenges and creating social impact. 

Dhairya--or "D" as he's known around here, shared some great thoughts about how he's applied his entrepreneurial skills and thinking to a business that's having a real social impact. I think my favorite piece of advice from him is that the only way you can fail as an entrepreneur is by not trying. So true!

If you know any everyday entrepreneurs who would be willing to interview with me, please let me know. I think it's important that we really understand how to craft a career for ourselves by creating our own opportunities and the more we see how others do it, the more possible that becomes for ourselves. 



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