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Think Outside Your Cubicle

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Baratunde Thurston has a fantastic video
on how we need to think differently about our careers. We have to move beyond thinking about specific jobs or the skill sets we use at Company/Organization A and think of ourselves much more broadly than we do. A great quote:

I don’t think we’re ever going to reset to a new plateau or a new normal of any significant length.  By the time you get used to the way things work, the way things work will change because we’re on that Moore’s Law arc, because the tools that we use to connect to one another and drive everything advance far too quickly, and because we have too many minds plugged into the matrix who have a voice now, not just to consume, but to produce.

And so in a world of that much emotion and built-in volatility, clinging and calming down and saying, “This is what I do,” it just doesn’t seem like the most wise way to approach the world.  You kind of have to approach it with speed in mind and say, “Okay, well, if motion is the constant, how can I remain in motion?”

We have to find ways to keep moving, in flow with the change that's going on around us. This is where I think resilience is so critical. These are patterns and principles to build a career on--Clarifying, Connecting, Creating and Coping can guide your actions, helping you to continually adapt to the changes that are the new career normal. 

Go here to see the video, then let me know what you think. 


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Check out this Podcast hosted by my friend Eric Gurna with Baratunde Thurston!

Thanks, Rebecca--I will definitely check it out!

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