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What Seeds Are You Planting for 2014?

5 Career Goals You Should Set for 2014 And Some Resources For Getting There

Welcome to 2014! 

Last month I shared a series of 30 Juicy Questions to help you grow your life in 2014. They were designed to get you thinking about what you want and how you want to experience your life and career in the coming year. 

Now that you're ready for action, I wanted to pull together some resources to keep the momentum going.

First, some of my suggestions of career goals for you to consider setting in 2014. Then some resources to help you set and achieve your goals. 


Some Smart Career Goals to Set

Make 2014 your year to . . . 

1. Maintain a Career Journal--People who use career journals tend to be more successful, happier in their careers and better able to think about and work toward their desired futures. At a minimum, consider logging your small wins 

2. Develop multiple income streams-- Smart careerists don't rely on a single source of income, especially in today's economy. Find a way to start working on another income stream so that you can build financial stability and expand your talents through diversification. Consider a soulful sidegig. Believe me, you will learn SO much from the entrenpreneurial experience!

3. Start Experimenting With Your Career--I'm a big believer in taking an experimental approach to your career. Many of my best projects have started with "What happens if I do this?" Your experiments don't have to be huge--shifting your thinking to be more experimental and starting to try out some different things can often create big results. Or start with a 30-Day Trial. This keeps things short and sweet. 

4. Get Intentional About Building Your Circles of Connection--Most of us hate "networking"--believe me, I hate it too. But I'm with Jefferey Davis that we should be thinking more about the DIT (Do it Together) economy, rather than the DIY economy. And the best relationships and connections don't just happen by accident. We need to be a little strategic if we want to make new connections and develop our existing relationships. 

5. Stop Doing Some Things--Sometimes goal setting and progress is about what we STOP doing, rather than what we start doing. What can you put on your "stop doing" list to make room for healthier habits and goals? 


Resources for Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Here are some great links to get you started on setting and achieving your 2014 goals: 

How to Actually Be Successful in Achieving Your 2014 Goals–Achieving goals is really about changing your daily habits. The best strategy for changing your habits is to form a new identity as a person who does certain things. This post walks you through the process.

Change Your Life by Setting Goals with Soul–Danielle LaPorte writes about how goal-setting is really about chasing particular feelings–we set goals because we want to have certain experiences or feel a certain way.  Her suggestion is that you start with the feelings you want to have and go from there. 

Find a Word of the Year–Christine Kane suggests that rather than setting specific goals, you find a “word of the year” to focus on.  Then all of your goals flow from there. 

Achieve Your Goals in 2014: Here’s Research that Can Help–From the Harvard Business Review, links to a number of different articles to support goal-setting and setting yourself up for success.

How to Use If/Then Planning to Achieve Any Goal–A strategy to help deal with distractions in achieving your goals.


What career goals are you setting for yourself in 2014? Let me know in comments or over on the Bamboo Project Facebook page


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