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Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

A career coaching client shared this fantastic video with me on moving out of your comfort zone. It very nicely highlights the key issues we face as we deal with taking risks.

On October 30, I'll be doing a presentation for the Women on the Edge (of Greatness) virtual conference on how to use career experiments to move out of your comfort zone and into your dreams. We'll be exploring some of the themes discussed in this video, particularly how to be in the learning zone to move into the magic zone. 

I'm also personally experimenting with this idea, as I prepare to hang my first tiny art show in November. Believe me, I get how scary it can be to move into an uncertain future where you can so easily convince yourself that disaster awaits you. But I'm also learning that the more you take the leap, the better things will be.

As Whitney Johnson points out in this Harvard Business Review blog post, you must always, always show up:

We all dream about winning, but it’s the showing up that counts.

Even though we can’t necessarily control the outcome.  Sarah Ban Breathnach said, “When you use expectations to measure a dream’s success, you tie stones around your soul.  Dreams may call for a leap of faith, but they set the soul soaring.” There are no regrets when we invest ourselves fully and show up to ourselves. Happily, we get lots of chances. . . 

Dreaming is at the heart of disruption.  Whether we want to disrupt an industry or our personal status quo, in order to make that terrifying leap from one learning curve to the next, we must dream.  The good news is that the causal mechanism for achieving our dreams is always, always, always showing up:  and as we show up, our future will too.

So how are you taking risks and showing up for your life? 


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