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What's On Your "Stop Doing" List?



So many people I talk to are overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by choices, by information, by an endless stream of "shoulds" and "coulds." We can get caught up in this fire hydrant spray, finding it difficult to get our bearings. 

Sometimes the way forward is by releasing and letting go, rather than grabbing on and holding harder. 

The "Stop Doing List"

We all have a "To Do" list and for many of us, this list never ends. It only grows until it's a sucking hole that reminds us of our inability to keep up. It's not your fault though. It's the list. 

This week, starting today, try writing a "Stop Doing" list for yourself--things that you will no longer do. 

Look at your "To Do" list--are there things that really don't add value to your life, that you could get away with not doing? Remove them. And release the worry. If you need help deciding what items to remove, check out this article from the Harvard Business Review. 

What bad habits do you have that keep you stuck? Mine are time-wasters like going down research rabbit holes ("just one more article . . . ) and getting caught up in worrying about things I can't control. Whatever yours are, put them on your "stop doing" list. 

Are you doing work that doesn't play to your gifts and talents? Let go of what you aren't passionate about doing. Just because you're skilled at it doesn't mean it's something you should be doing. If it isn't a gift and it doesn't create flow for you, stop it.

Are you investing in people and situations that are all pain and no gain? Either find a way to turn things around or start finding ways to disconnect. Either way, stop engaging in the same old ways. 

What thought patterns are getting in your way? Vow to stop feeding them. Find ways to change your frame so you can change the stories you're telling yourself. 

We can make room for the things that count, for creating a life that feels right for us, when we stop doing all the things that leave us with no emotional or mental space. Our "stop doing" lists can help us find our way back to hope, inspiration and passion. 

So what's on your "stop doing" list?  


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